Learning About ASUS Products

Founded in 1989, ASUS is computer and electronics company based out of Taiwan. For over 30 years, the company has been manufacturing computers, phones, tablets, graphics cards, and much more.

ASUS Computers and Displays

This brand produces a wide range of computers and computer monitors. ASUS computers range from convenient Chromebooks and Chromebox mini desktop computers to high-performance gaming PCs, and its monitors offer several useful features.


Chromebooks and Chromeboxes both use Chrome OS, and they're ideal for users who want to browse the web, stream media, or do cloud-based work. They are also tough against viruses.

Gaming PCs

ASUS gaming PCs and laptops feature advanced NVIDIA GeForce graphics cards. Desktop gaming PCs offer additional features such as LED lighting for colorful design and the option to connect large, high-definition monitors for crystal clear display. Laptops are a fitting choice if you want a portable gaming PC. If you're looking to upgrade your current gaming computer, consider an ASUS NVIDIA GeForce graphics card. You'll get power efficiency and overclocking features so you can take your gaming experience to the next level.


ASUS monitors offer many options for high-quality displays. Choose displays that feature HDMI, VGA, and DV-I inputs. DV-I is ideal for gamers with 1080p displays that need a stable frame rate of 60fps. HDMI can handle resolutions of 4K while still delivering a refresh rate of 60Hz. VGA is a solid choice if you're trying to connect older laptops and computers to your monitors. Some of this brand's LCD gaming monitors feature 4K UHD displays for exceptionally detailed and crisp viewing.

ASUS Networking

There are many different ASUS routers to choose from. Single-band and dual-band options are available, and these routers feature adjustable antennas and advanced security options. ASUS uses an innovative feature called AiMesh, which helps you seamlessly connect different routers throughout your house. AiMesh gives you excellent connectivity and signal strength throughout your home. These routers also use AiProtection, which provides you with a three-pronged security system and enterprise-level security strength.

ASUS Phones, Tablets, and Wearables

Consider ASUS for its smartphones, tablets, and innovative wearables.


ASUS smartphones feature SnapDragon CPUs and high-quality cameras. The Snapdragon CPU in an ASUS ZenPhone delivers fast battery charging and long battery life. You'll also get improved camera functionality, Augmented Reality features, robust security, and many other advantages.


ASUS tablets are a suitable choice if you want a lightweight and more portable version of a laptop. These tablets can be as small as 8 x 11 inches, with a weight of less than two pounds. ASUS produces tablets with IPS multi-touch displays that provide wider viewing angles and superior color reproduction. Tablets also feature MediaTek processors, which pack surprising amounts of power.


ASUS produces its smartwatches under the brand name ZenWatch. These wearables feature SnapDragon CPUs, like its smartphones, as well as long-lasting batteries and high-resolution AMOLED displays.

If you're searching for ASUS products, whether its ASUS Chromebooks, monitors, or routers, check out B&H's dedicated ASUS brand store.