Used Continuous Lighting Equipment

A Guide to Used Photography Lighting

You can save serious cash by shopping for used photo lighting. Used lighting equipment not only helps you control the brightness and darkness of your images, but it also sets the atmosphere, mood, and vibrancy of colors of your subjects. Additionally, having professional lighting kits offers you the best service in terms of convenience and flexibility when shooting.

Choosing a Lighting Kit

Continuous lighting kits are ideal for still photography. They help you visualize the pattern of lighting on your subjects before you press the shutter button. The common types of continuous lighting kits are LED, fluorescent, and tungsten lights. With tungsten lights, you can produce more heat to bring out a warmer, reddish effect in your subject. Fluorescent and LED lights, on the other hand, don't overheat and are more energy efficient.

Speedlight lighting kits are external flash units. They're faster than built-in camera flashes and offer greater versatility for action shots and product photography. Another advantage of speedlights is that they're lightweight, highly portable, and very easy to set up. Most strobe lighting equipment is more convenient to use they come with built-in power sources, reflectors, and stands. Flood lights produce soft, partially diffused illumination that mimics sunlight on an overcast day.

Used Photography Lighting Accessories

To get the most out of your used lighting, you may need to shop for used general lighting accessories. Used filters, umbrellas, gels, and diffusers are essential studio accessories that enable you to control existing light conditions for varied effects. To protect your equipment, invest in heavy-duty used lighting cases. Choose a spacious case with many compartments that'll fit all your lighting kits and accessories.

Whether you're looking for energy-saving fluorescent lights or powerful spotlights for your studio lighting, check out B&H Photo and Video's wide selection of used photography equipment to find what you need.