Selecting Fujifilm Instax Products and Accessories

Fujifilm Instax model cameras take and print photos on the spot. The small cameras come in several models including mini, square, and wide. Each model prints photos with a different size, and they come in several colors. You can also use a variety of accessories with them.

How Do Fujifilm Instax Cameras Work?

Instax cameras are point-and-shoot models with the ability to develop photos immediately, using instant film. The film includes a reagent that rolls onto the film as it exits the camera. The film has several layers that all interact with reagent above and below the image layer. When the film exits the camera completely, the acid layer clears up and the image is visible. Using Fujifilm Instax cameras for instant photo options is popular at events such as graduations and weddings. The lightweight, compact cameras produce instant memories that you can share online or immediately after taking them.

Fujifilm Instax Printers

Fujifilm Instax printers are usable as stand-alone devices or with Instax cameras via the Share app. Fujifilm Instax Share printers allow you to transfer photos from your mobile phone, tablet, and some Instax cameras directly to the printer for development. The wireless technology in the compact printers makes it easy to print photos from anywhere. There are machines for Fujifilm Instax wide film, mini film, and square film, so you can get a device that prints your favorite size. Fujifilm Instax accessories such as film with border prints are available as well, to add additional style to your photos.

Bundle Options and Accessories for Instax Cameras

While you can buy just the Instax camera itself, several bundle options and accessories are available. Fujifilm Instax camera and accessory bundles can include camera cases, film, and photo albums. Other accessories include shoulder bags, tripods, bulk packs of instant film, and frames.

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