Make it Yours: 8 Ways to Accessorize Your Fujifilm Kit


Camera accessories: not only can they be entirely practical for the types of photography you enjoy, they can also give your camera a unique look and feel, while boosting performance. Fujifilm’s nice lineup of accessories, and an array of third-party accessories, allow Fujifilm photographers to get the most out of their camera systems, and are great gift ideas for the Fujifilm shooters in your life.


If you grew up in the days of film cameras, before cameras needed big batteries to power their onboard computers and autofocus systems, the thick, ergonomic grips of the modern DSLR cameras were new to you. But, along came the thick cameras and many of us not only became accustomed to them, we embraced them (no pun intended). The Fujifilm X system features cameras with more classically sized handgrips, and they sometimes feel a bit svelte to photographers who are accustomed to chunky DSLRs.

So, if you are enamored with the size and weight of the Fujifilm cameras, but still want a bit more to hold on to, Fujifilm and Oben have a full lineup of camera handgrips. The grips are dual-purpose, because they are attached to Arca-type compatible tripod plates for use with Arca-type quick-release tripod heads.

Fujifilm MHG-XE3 Metal Hand Grip

Fujifilm makes battery grips for the X-T3 and X-T2 cameras that hold two Fujifilm NP-W126S batteries for extended shooting, as well as adding additional performance and functionality to the cameras. The grips also add vertical controls for non-contortionist shooting in portrait format. Fujifilm and Vello grips for other models are available, as well. Speaking of batteries, like most mirrorless cameras, Fujifilm battery life leaves a bit to be desired. You cannot go wrong by having more batteries.

FUJIFILM VG-XT3 Vertical Battery Grip


Similar to the Arca-compatible handgrips, but without the grip, L-brackets are a great accessory for any photographer using any camera system on a tripod. Once you get an L-bracket and can rotate from landscape to portrait orientation without rolling your tripod head awkwardly 90o, you won’t want to go back to the old ways of doing things. One beautiful L-bracket from Really Right Stuff, for the Fujifilm X100F, integrates a handgrip.

Really Right Stuff L-Plate Set and Grip for Fujifilm X100F

Remote Releases

A must-have for every camera bag, a remote release is mandatory for reducing camera shake when shooting from a tripod. Fujifilm has its own version, but, on my Fujifilm cameras, this Vello release works very well. If you want to go wireless, or expand the timer capabilities of the remote, the Vello Wireless ShutterBoss III for Fujifilm is your best bet—it has a 250' range and can run a time-lapse sequence for you.

Fujifilm RR-90 Remote Release


Some Fujifilm X cameras come with a nice little flash, the EX-8F (not available separately), but if you need more light, you will need a bigger flash. The Fujifilm EF-X500 is the most powerful model, with a guide number of 164' at ISO 100 and 105mm. The smaller EF-42 features a guide number of 138' at the same settings. At the top of the cuteness scales, the EF-X20 features an old-school dial on top to control the flash power. Third-party flashes for Fujifilm are available from Godox, Nissin, Bolt, and Metz.

Fujifilm EF-X500 Flash


Many cameras look great in leather, and Fujifilm cameras are no exception. In fact, the design of the Fujifilm X lineup really lends itself to the old-school, custom-fitted leather cases. If you want a beefier grip, but are not taken by the hand grips I mentioned above, check out the line of leather cases—they add thickness to the camera, feel great to the hand, make your kit stand out, and add a level of protection.

Fujifilm LC-X100F Leather Case

Are you a Fujifilm instant photography fan? Fujifilm has you covered, literally, with a line of instax cases. MegaGear also makes a full line of Fujifilm cases.

Straps and Bags

Cameras always come with straps, but I “upgraded” my X-T2 strap to this full leather strap from Cecilia. It looks and feels great and goes very well with the retro design of the camera. If you want Fujifilm’s take on the versatile wrist strap, check out the Grip Belt GB-001, which works with many different Fujifilm cameras, with or without hand and battery grips. Fujifilm makes a handful of branded straps, as well.

Cecilia Gallery Adjustable Leather Camera Strap

Domke makes a pair of special-for-Fujifilm versions of its camera bags. The tan Fujifilm Domke F-5B is designed to hold a pair of X-Pro2 cameras and two lenses. The F-803, also tan, carries two bodies, with up to three additional lenses. Both bags feature special X-branded accents and leather ID tags and there is even a matching Fujifilm strap.

Fujifilm Domke F-5XB Camera Bag

Adapt Your Vision

One of the magical benefits of mirrorless cameras is the ability to use adapters to shoot through lenses made by other manufacturers. The silky-smooth focus action of a Leica lens and the Fujifilm camera’s focus peaking gives a really nice photographic experience when you use the M Mount Adapter and attach your favorite Leica glass.

Fujifilm M Mount Adapter for X-Mount Cameras

Third-party companies like Metabones, Novoflex, Mitakon Zhongyi, Dot Line, and FotodioX make adapters that allow you to stick Nikon F, Nikon G, Leica M, Leica R, Leica screwmount, Contax G, Contax/Yashica, Canon FD, Minolta MD, Contarex, Olympus OM, Rollei, QBM, ALPA, Minolta/Sony A, Novoflex A, M42, Pentax K, and T mount lenses on your interchangeable-lens Fujifilm X body. If you are lucky enough to be shooting with the Fujifilm GFX 50S or GFX 50R medium format digital cameras, you can adapt Pentax 645, Hasselblad, and other lenses to that camera.

Metabones Nikon F Lens to Fujifilm X-Mount Camera T Adapter

Look Through Me

As good as the Fujifilm electronic viewfinders are, there is still an innate pleasure gained from using your eye to look through premium optics—like high-end binoculars. For some reason, when the glass is good, the world seems brighter and crisper than it does when you look with the unaided eye.

If you are a Fujifilm X70 shooter, or if you know one, I highly recommend the experience of peering through the gorgeous VF-X21 external optical viewfinder. As the X70 is viewfinder-less, this accessory will change the shooter’s experience for the better. You may use this on other Fujifilm cameras, as well.

Fujifilm VF-X21 External Optical Viewfinder

What are your experiences outfitting your Fujifilm camera? What accessories do you want? Shopping for a Fujifilm shooter and want recommendations? Chat us up in the Comments section, below!