Memory Cards FAQs


What in the world do all those numbers and letters mean on memory cards?

Honestly, no one knows. Just kidding. We do know! Check out this article for the key you need to decode the cipher of memory-card alphabet soup!


Should I plug my camera directly into my computer, or is it better to use a card reader?

Although it would be rare for a computer power spike to upset your camera’s innards, it is arguably better to upload your images to a computer from a memory card reader instead of the camera. Also, if you use a reader, you save your camera’s battery for making photos, and, with another card, you can keep shooting remotely while uploading.


How many memory cards should I carry?

Regardless of what you are shooting, plan on shooting more than you think you will. Digital images are “free” and we all tend to shoot a lot more now than when we shot film. Pack all the memory cards you think you will need, and then add one or two more! Running out of “film” is a certain way to end your day of photographic fun.