Home Entertainment Speakers

Home Entertainment Speakers

If you are looking to supplement the sound in your home, we have plenty of speaker options that can amp up your TV or audio setup. When choosing speakers, it's important to consider the type of music you'll be listening to, where you'll place the speakers, and whether you prefer wired or wireless speakers. You'll also need to decide if you prefer speaker pairs or speaker separates.

How Speakers Work

When you think of home speakers, you probably picture the form factor, not the sound-producing components inside the cabinets. Inside most speakers are a woofer, a tweeter, and a crossover network. The woofer and tweeter are cones that provide low and high frequencies respectively, while the network filters the sound. For more impressive bass, look for speakers that also have subwoofers to amp up lower frequencies and provide richer sound.

Wired vs. Wireless Speakers

You have a choice of having your speakers hard wired into your sound system or connected over the air. Wired speakers are easy to use and let you add external components such as an amplifier, giving you more control over the sound. They're also simple to use, as the connection doesn't require monitoring or modification. If you're an audiophile, wired speakers will allow you to truly fine-tune your sound.

Wireless home stereo speakers offer convenience. Since there's no physical connection to your system by a cable, you're free to move them to whatever positions are best for listening. You can have multiple speakers with your wireless system, and some sets support having speakers in multiple rooms. Some wireless speakers do require a connection to an electrical outlet; however, you can get battery-operated ones that are truly wireless. Opt for wireless if you prefer convenience and the ability to expand your system. A wireless speaker system connects via one of several protocols:

  • Bluetooth
  • NFC (near-field communication)
  • Wi-Fi

TV Sound Systems

Technological advances continue to offer larger and larger TVs with brilliant displays, but sound quality hasn't kept pace with picture quality. When you want the best viewing and listening experience, a TV sound system gives you great sound in an easy-to-understand package. The package includes speakers and a compatible amplifier.

Speakers for TV systems come in the traditional box style or newer forms, such as soundbar speakers, which combine multiple speakers in a bar-shaped cabinet that easily connects to your television. You can add sound enhancement options such as subwoofers and additional speakers. A variation on the soundbar is the soundbase. Similar in shape, a soundbase is smaller and works well with 40-inch or smaller TVs.

Whether your listening pleasure comes from television or music, there are speakers that'll improve your experience. See the many options available from the full range of speakers at B&H Photo and Video.