Studio Microphone Accessories

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Understanding Studio Microphone Accessories

Browse a wide selection of studio microphone accessories to enhance your recording sessions. Mic accessories are often overlooked, yet their importance can't be overstated. Find accessories to improve everything from comfort to sound quality.

The Difference Between Studio Microphone Stands and Boom Arms

Studio boom stands and arms improve the positioning and stability of a microphone in different ways. A stand is a stationary tripod or monopod with adjustable height and tilting features. Use stands in studio or performance environments where the audio source is fixed. Boom arms are either clamped or nailed down to a surface and have more room for adjustment. You can use the boom arm when you need to keep the mic close to the recording subject but don't want the mic to be visible.

What Are Microphone Shock Mounts?

Shock mounts protect from vibrations, or shock, that can disrupt the audio recording from your mic. Some stands and microphones will come with these built-in.

Windscreens and Pop Filters

Windscreens and pop filters are both filters that fit over your microphone to protect from various interferences. Handheld mic windscreens cut out audible exhales and air passing over the mic. A pop filter, on the other hand, protects from plosives caused by "popping" sounds. Without a filter in place, the popping noise can cause recording disruptions or your microphone to peak or distort.

Direct Boxes and Other Accessories

Direct boxes convert unbalanced signals to balanced signals. Balanced signals improve the quality of an audio recording or amp up the sound in a live performance without causing distortion. You can also plug your mic into in-line accessories like adapters or amplifiers. Other accessories include goosenecks, microphone clips, and mounts that can help position your mic.