Nikon Cameras and Accessories

The Nikon store is a one-stop shop for Nikon cameras, lenses, and optical equipment. This includes DSLRs, mirrorless, compact, and film cameras, interchangeable lenses, and flash units as well as binoculars, rangefinders, and microscopes.


Interchangeable Lens Nikon Cameras

Nikon make DSLRs and mirrorless cameras. Amateur and semi-professional DX format DSLRs use APS-C sensors with a crop factor of 1.5. This crop factor increases the effective focal length of the lens by 1.5 times, which achieves the same effect that Nikon SLR teleconverters have on full frame cameras with telephoto lenses.

FX format DSLR cameras have full frame sensors that offer better overall performance. Both DX and FX DSLRs use the same F lens mount. Z-series mirrorless cameras have the FX format sensor but use a Z lens mount that’s not directly compatible with the F mount. Mirrorless cameras use electronic viewfinders and are capable of 4K video.


Nikon Coolpix Cameras

Coolpix cameras are light and compact. They use a small 1/2.3-inch sensor. Entry-level models feature an LCD screen for composing photos. Although lenses aren’t interchangeable, all models have useful optical zoom lenses. Zoom range varies from five times on low-end models to 35 times on midrange models. Top models have more powerful zoom lenses, as well as electronic viewfinders.

35mm Film Cameras

Nikon is one of the few companies still making 35mm film cameras. These film cameras use the F lens mounts, and use most AF lenses including the AF-S FX series lenses. The ability to use current Nikon lenses means there’s no difficulty finding suitable lenses for these cameras.

Nikon Lenses

Current Nikon interchangeable lenses have two types of bayonet mounts: the F-mount and the Z-mount. The F-lens mount on Nikon SLR camera lenses has been in use for many years; however, the way the lens communicates with the camera has evolved. AF-S lenses work with current DSLRs, while the newer AF-P lenses aren’t compatible with older DSLR cameras.

DX format lenses used on APS-C DSLR cameras are lighter because they have a smaller image circle than FX lenses for full frame DSLRs. However, both types fit DSLRs, although when using a DX lens on a full frame FX camera, the camera automatically crops the image. Z series lenses only fit the Z series mirrorless camera, but it’s possible to fit FX lenses to the Z series cameras with an adapter.

Camera Accessories

With Nikon remote controls and cords, you can remotely trigger your camera, a feature that’s useful to avoid camera shake with long exposures, and for remotely controlling cameras when shooting wildlife and sports. Some remote controls also provide an ability to download images from the camera to a smartphone. Use genuine Nikon speedlights to illuminate your subject in poor light and outdoors.