Quality Microphones from RODE

RODE offers numerous microphones and other equipment for capturing clear sound in any setting. Capture vocals or instruments in the studio, as well as dialog for news or documentary segments. There is a wide variety of microphones and accessories available to help you achieve optimal sound quality.

Microphone Types

RODE microphones include condensers, shotguns, ribbons, wireless, and more. Condenser mics are frequently found in studios because of their quality transient response and ability to capture a large frequency range. Both RODE large diaphragm microphones and small diaphragm mics offer versatility for home and studio recording, as well as for live presentations.You can also find ribbon microphones in studios because of their versatility and ability to hear more like human ears than any other microphone. Shotgun microphones are a suitable choice for capturing sound from a specific direction. 

Boom Poles

A boom pole essentially functions like a small crane, allowing you to record audio without having any microphones obstructing the scene. They also keep mics steady and in good position for capturing high-quality audio. For additional stability, attach RODE shock mounts and accessories to the ends of boom poles. These are available in a range of shapes and sizes to accommodate a wide variety of RODE mics.

Filters to Improve Sound Quality

Adding the right filters to your microphones can further enhance sound quality. Pop filters reduce the harshness of 'P's'and other hard consonants, making speech easier on listeners' ears. When recording outdoors, consider RODE windscreens and windshields to reduce wind and breeze interference.

Transporting Microphones

RODE also provides plenty of cases for safely transporting microphones. Many cases feature molded slots to keep delicate gear stable while traveling. For ultimate protection, choose a case that's made specifically for your RODE mic or accessory.