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Shopping for Professional Video Stabilizers and Gimbals

A number of brands have produced some remarkable gimbals over the last several years, including those that are capable of supporting professional DSLRs, action cams, and even smartphones. Due to their size and ease of use, these camera stabilizers are must-have accessories if you want to shoot smooth videos or take precise photos.

Choosing Professional Video Stabilizers and Gimbals

Most camera gimbals have motors, and come with three axes: tilt, pan, and roll. There are different types of gimbal stabilizers for both small and large cameras. The camera type you use determines the gimbal or support you'll need.

Action Cams and GoPros

If you're using an action camera, such as a GoPro Hero 4 to a Hero 7, you'll want to shop for GoPro gimbals. These stabilizers have a minimalistic design and come with a single handle which allows one-handed operation to shoot from very tight angles. This makes them suitable for dynamic action shots, which means you can use one while riding a bicycle or on a skateboard.


If you'll be working with a larger DSLR camera with different lens sizes, you'll want to pay close attention to the weight and overall dimensions of the camera before choosing a DSLR gimbal. With their compact size and improved sensor design, DSLR gimbal stabilizers allow you to have better mobility while netting high-quality images. If you won't be making a lot of movements, a professional video camera slider may act as the perfect stabilizer.


Smartphone stabilizers are relatively new in the market, but they're proving to be very useful when it comes to stabilizing your iPhone or Android device. These video stabilizers are popular because of their ease of use when shooting from your smartphone. They add a cinematic effect to your smartphone's video footage, making them ideal video accessories for a variety of applications, such as real estate walk-throughs and other types of venue tours.

Professional Camera Stabilizer Accessories

Some gimbal stabilizers require a stand for proper balancing, in case the gimbal loses its balance. Many newer models don't require a stand, but they can balance on any surface or on top of professional video tripod systems. You may also want to get an external monitor to help you closely watch whatever you're shooting. This is especially helpful if your camera's default LCD display isn't as effective. What's more, you may need some kind of toggle or remote accessory to assist with panning and tilting your camera into the exact position you want it. If you use sliders to stabilize your shots, it may be a good idea to shop for pro video camera slider cases to protect your gear.

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