Used Strobe Lighting Equipment

Choosing Used Strobe Lights and Accessories

Strobe lights achieve perfect daylight balance and work just like external flashes—they light up when triggered and need some seconds to recycle to full power for the next shot. There are different types of used strobe lighting kits available to meet different photography needs.

Types of Studio Strobe Lights

Speedlights are among the smallest strobe light options. They may use batteries or plug into compatible battery packs for power. Because of their small size, they're easily portable and can be triggered from your camera's hot shoe or wirelessly from a cold shoe. Used monolights and AC strobes are self-contained studio flashes that need an AC power source to function. For commercial photography, you'll need to use larger AC lighting pack and head strobes. The pack generates power, while the strobe heads produce the flash. These strobe lights are fast to capture your shot in an instant, while eliminating blur.

What Strobe Light Accessories Do You Need?

Consider AC lighting pack and head strobe accessories, such as battery generator flash packs, to ensure you never run out of power when shooting in places without power outlets. Softlight reflectors not only enhance your lighting and creative options. Wireless receivers for monolights allow you to control the power of the light kits from a remote, improving your efficiency. Remember to shop for a reliable battery charger for your monolights, as some models may not come with chargers. Some have mounts that allow you to fit light modification accessories like softboxes and umbrellas. To position the strobe lights for the perfect shots, you'll need a set of adjustable photography light stands.