Consumer Camcorder Support Equipment

Building Your Setup With a Range of Camera Support Equipment

For professional videography projects, it helps to go beyond a simple handheld approach with camera support equipment. Choosing the right equipment is essential, whether you need tripods, monopods, rigs, or other accessories.

Tripods and Monopods

Tripods add stability and enable you to customize your videography projects, such as cinemagraphs, close-ups, and even portrait photography. Video tripods can be vital for film sets, as they keep expensive camcorder equipment sturdy and safe. Carbon fiber monopods and tripods are useful because of their lightweight construction. Although they are light, they're also incredibly durable and sturdy, with superior vibration absorption properties. Monopods are ideal for sports and wildlife photography where you may need to move your camera quickly.

Tripod Heads, Assemblies, and Accessories

It's important to choose the right heads, assemblies, and tripod accessories in order to get the most out of your tripods. Quick-release plates are convenient, sturdy, and enable you to remove your camcorder in a manner of seconds. Ball heads are useful for unrestricted rotation, and they help you line up the perfect shot. Tripod and monopod tilt heads are easy to set up and operate with just one hand, and are a suitable choice for telephoto lenses. Extension arms and poles add more flexibility and functionality to your tripod setup. Mount your camcorder on a tripod extension arm to shoot downward without bending your back. You can also use extension poles to mount multiple devices on a single tripod horizontally. You may choose to fit two camcorders in this way, or even one camera with an off-camera flash.

Stabilizers and Rigs

If you want to shoot smooth, stable video without a tripod, consider a stabilizer or a rig. These devices allow you to shoot video while moving around with a handheld approach. Some rigs attach to your shoulder, while others feature wearable vests and attached arms or overhanging support ropes. Handheld stabilizers feature counterweights and attachments for multiple devices, such as microphones or lights. Cages fully contain your camcorder, and provide improved handling. These devices are modular and customizable, giving you the ability to add or remove things like straps, handles, monitors, lights, microphones, and much more.

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