Home Security Alarms

Exploring Home Security Alarms

Protect both the exterior and interior of your residence with home security alarms. These range from whole-house systems that monitor for intruders, to stand-alone alarms that alert you to situations such as problems at your pool or leakage in your basement. You can add extra security, range, and fail-safes to your system with various accessories.

Can I Install My Own Home Security Alarm?

There are wireless alarm kits that are easy to install, which come with the basic items you need to set up your security system. If you prefer to put together your own wireless system or want to upgrade an existing one, you can opt to get only the items you want, including:

Wireless home security alarm systems use a VoIP or Wi-Fi connection, monitored with an Android or iOS app. Some of these systems can be smart home-enabled. Choose this type of alarm system if you're a tech-savvy person and prefer doing your own monitoring. If not, some brands offer optional professional monitoring.

Will My Alarm Work If the Power Goes Out?

Some Wi-Fi and VoIP home security alarms include a backup battery, meaning they'll continue to function during a power outage. If your system doesn't have a built-in backup, consider getting an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for continuous protection.

Will My Pet Trigger a False Alarm?

Systems that use motion detectors are triggered when there's a change in the pattern they're monitoring. A pet can wander into the path of a sensor with photoelectric beams and trigger your home security alarm system. It's possible for your pet and your system to coexist simply by placing motion sensors above the height of your pet. You can also consider pet-immune sensors, which are based on the weight and speed of moving objects.

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