Action Camera Accessories

Shopping for Action Camera Accessories

While it's exciting to own action cams, you also know that with action camera accessories, you can up your game and create high-quality videos, and improve the durability of your gear. There's a wide range of accessories available that'll help you capture every great moment of your outdoor experience.

Action Cam Power Accessories

While some action cameras come with fixed battery units, most have removable, rechargeable batteries. If you're planning to shoot 4K and 1080p videos, you may need extra batteries for uninterrupted video shooting. Also, consider action cam power accessories such as battery chargers, adapters, and cables. For more convenience, choose a charger with fast-charging capabilities.

Action Camera Housings

Action cam housings are waterproof, dustproof, and shock-resistant to protect your camera. These housings give you quick access to the buttons on the camera for easy control. They're perfect for underwater videography and when you're shooting in wet environments. For activities such as cycling, running, and skiing, consider frames and skeletons to hold your action cameras steady. These types of mounts have a minimalist, lightweight design that's not bulky to use, and easily portable. If you're always on the go, get yourself waterproof cases to protect your action camera gear. Depending on the type you choose, mounts come with a range of features, including quick-release mounting systems to easily attach and detach the camera, thin silicone body to protect the camera from bumps and scratches, as well as an open design, for unimpeded access. You can also use action cam remotes to help you navigate and manage your camera.

Action Cam Accessories for Professional Videos

For more dramatic videos, or if shooting under water, consider using action cam filters. These polarizing filters offer sufficient white balance, improve color distribution, and produce rich blue backgrounds for captivating footage. You may also want to invest in action cam lens accessories, such as lens protectors, which will help protect your camera's lens from dirt and scratches, as well as minimize underwater distortion if filming in water. Don't forget a reliable action cam microphone kit to capture crisp, clear audio with your videos.

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