Action Cameras & Accessories

Action Cameras & Accessories

Action cameras give you the ability to capture your exciting adventures firsthand: The look and feel of racing down a bike path, scuba diving, skydiving, and more. GoPro cameras is perhaps the best-known brand and style, but other high-quality options are available as well. Accessories such as action camera mounts and housings ensure that cameras stay in place and keep recording, even when you're traveling at high speeds or underwater.

Uses for Action Cameras

Action cameras are the best way to record sports activities. You can attach one to your helmet while skiing or skateboarding, or mount one to the front of a bicycle. Skydiving is another popular choice. Some people even mount action cameras to drones and aerial imaging devices that don't feature their own built-in cameras for recording aerial footage. Tracking the activity of your pets by placing cameras on their backs is another possibility.

Action Camera Mounts

There are many different types of action camera mounts for specialized applications. Suction cup mounts attach to windshields and other surfaces, while adhesive and helmet mounts stick or strap into place. Another option is an on-body mount that straps onto and around the chest. Surfboard mounts stay attached to boards, and feature tethers for additional security and for easier retrieval if they fall into the water. Handgrips deliver direct control of the cameras by having them attached to one end. Some designs are buoyant, floating on the water's surface for easier retrieval if dropped. Mounting a camera allows for easier, hands-free recording of your environment so you can capture footage for creating VR and 360-degree videos.

Other Action Camera Accessories

When you take action cameras into more extreme environments, other accessories help keep them safe from water, drops, and other hazards. Durable cages shield against impact, protecting cameras when dropped while rock climbing or mountain biking. Waterproof housings are essential for snorkeling or scuba diving, or for when you want to record your water skiing experience. There are also special filters for making the most of underwater recordings. Other lens protectors prevent scratches and damage, while still allowing a clear view. Attaching microphones and other audio equipment to action cameras enables higher quality sound recordings, as they pick up voices and music more clearly. Extension arms and cables increase the reach of cameras so you can get distance shots. There are also travel and storage cases available with protective foam cushioning for complete protection.

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