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Wide Format Printers for Your Business

Wide format printers are necessities in the business world. It's not surprising that you can find professional printing services almost anywhere these days. However, if your company relies upon such services often, it may be wise to consider purchasing your own.

What's a Wide Format Printer?

Also known as a large format printer, a wide format printer is capable of producing much larger printed material than your standard office inkjet machine, namely 18 to 100 inches in width.

Usually inkjet-based, wide format printers work rather quickly while maintaining the original design's high resolution and vivid colors. Compared to other methods, such as screen printing, they're quite economical.

You can perform wide format printing with almost any material, including paper, vinyl, metal, cloth, and ceramics, but it does depend upon the machine itself.

Types of Wide Format Printers

There are two types of wide format inkjet printers. Most are roll feed, where wide format roll paper (or other material) passes through a line of inkjet nozzles, which deposits ink onto the medium. The other type is a flat-bed printer, which has a moving table or inkjet mechanism that passes over the medium as it disperses the ink. These are most suitable for unbendable mediums.

After the ink deposits onto the medium, UV light usually cures the medium, which also helps with the drying process. Afterward, you can laminate the product or finish it off with a lacquer.

Uses for Wide Format Printers

Common uses for wide format printers include commercial purposes, such as advertising posters, trade show signage, architectural drawings, and life-size cutouts. You can also use these machines for producing wallpaper, vehicle graphics, and artwork. The business applications are nearly endless.

Other Printing Accessories

Once you decide which printer is best for you, remember to pick up a few other necessities. Aside from paper and ink, there are other helpful items to consider.

If you use banner paper or other rolled material, check if your printer has a cutter included. Although some models have an automatic cutter, you may need to purchase rotary cutter blades separately.

When the ink you use isn't waterproof, or you'd like to add a protective coating, print finishing lacquers are a good option, and generally less expensive than lamination. Most are sufficient to prevent UV-related fading. In addition, finishing lacquers offer more than protection and are ideal for adding a special touch, such as raised or metal-foiled designs.

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