Action Camera Mounts

Getting the Shot with Action Camera Mounts

Whether you're a cyclist, scuba diver, or extreme sports hobbyist looking to film your action shots, you'll need action camera mounts to stabilize your video recording and protect your camera. They come in a range of types, including on-body, handheld, and adhesive mounts.

Choosing the Right Action Camera Mount

Helmet mounts are one of the most common types of action cam mounts, and are very popular among cyclists, skiers, rock climbers, and more. Attach the camera on the front, top, side, or back of your helmet or headgear for first-person POV video recording. Suction cup mounts work well for high-speed video recording. The powerful suction cups easily attach to any smooth surface, such as car or motorcycle bodies, windshields, snowboards, surfboards, boats, and more.

For more stability of your action cam, go for chest mounts. These provide a great first-person POV perspective. If you enjoy taking selfies or videos of yourself, check out selfie sticks and action camera poles. Some selfie sticks come with extra features like Bluetooth capability, and have adjustable lengths for convenient use. With handlebar/pole mounts, such as GoPro roll bar mounts, you get stable, second-person POV video recording, perfect for social media posting.

If you're into water sports such as snorkeling and diving, consider a snorkel mask camera mount. You can also shop for surfboard mounts like GoPro bodyboard mounts, which are suitable for a variety of water sports equipment including surfboards, canoes, kayaks, paddle boards, and more.

Action Cam Mount Accessories

To enhance the stability of your action camera mounts, you may need to get some mount accessories. Mounting adapters help you attach the camera mount to objects like bike clamps and monopods. If you're using handlebar and pole mounts, you may want to shop for an extension arm to extend a section of the pole system to suit your needs. For water-based cam mounts such as surfboard mounts, pick up flotation accessories to prevent you camera mount from sinking if it falls into the water.