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About Syrp


Born from a passion for filmmaking and a lack of portable, user-friendly equipment, Syrp designs products with a filmmaker first approach enabling content creators to focus more on their creativity rather than technically challenging equipment. 

Based out of the North Island of New Zealand, Syrp specialises in designing and manufacturing portable, smart motion control technology capable of automating camera movement for motion video, time-lapse, product photography, panorama and more. Packed with all the latest cutting-edge technology, Syrp products are controlled by a beautifully simple mobile app compatible with an ever-expanding product line and suitable for entry level content creators all the way up to the more experienced professional users. 

Syrp products are uniquely modular and can be used with other 3rd party equipment as well as their own range of accessories including camera sliders and cable cam systems. With the flexibility to combine multiple motion controllers together, content creators can start small and continuously add to their kit as they develop their skillset to achieve a greater range of motion and an expanded features list. 

Syrp’s human-centered design focus and relentless focus on innovative makes them an exciting company to watch and a clear leader in the market for motion control products.