Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 150mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope

BH #CENSE6 • MFR #12090
Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 150mm f/10 Schmidt-Cassegrain GoTo Telescope
Key Features
  • 150mm Schmidt-Cassegrain OTA
  • 1500mm Focal Length, f/10 Focal Ratio
  • StarBright XLT Optical Coating System
  • Wireless Control with iOS/Android App
The NexStar Evolution 6 150mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope from Celestron is a powerful, portable, versatile, and user-friendly telescope that can be used for observing everything from the Moon and planets to deep-sky objects like galaxies and nebulae. Using Celestron's proprietary StarBright XLT multi-coating system, light transmission is increased throughout the entire optical path with anti-reflection multi-coated lenses, highly reflective multi-coated mirrors, and four-element rare-earth glass. While the focal ratio is a slow f/10, the scope's precision tracking system allows it to be a competent astrophotography/astroimaging platform for the Moon and planets.
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Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 Overview

  • 1Description
  • 2Optical Performance
  • 3NexStar Controller
  • 4Sky Portal App
  • 5Mount and Tripod
  • 6Included Accessories

The NexStar Evolution 6 150mm Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope from Celestron is a powerful, portable, versatile, and user-friendly telescope that can be used for observing everything from the Moon and planets to deep-sky objects like galaxies and nebulae. Using Celestron's proprietary StarBright XLT multi-coating system, light transmission is increased throughout the entire optical path with anti-reflection multi-coated lenses, highly reflective multi-coated mirrors, and four-element rare-earth glass. While the focal ratio is a slow f/10, the scope's precision tracking system allows it to be a competent astrophotography/astroimaging platform for the Moon and planets.

The Evolution comes with two ways to use and control it. The first is to simply download Celestron's free Navigator app for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. The scope's WiFi provides the connection to the app and expands the capabilities and functionality, including an expanded database of over 120,000 objects with detailed information on more than 200 of those objects. Second is the iconic 2-line 16-character NexStar computer controller. This is a wired piece of hardware with a database of over 40,000 celestial objects plus several astronomical catalogs including the Messier and Caldwell. Whether using the controller or mobile device, the system can assist in properly aligning the scope, provide tours of the objects and events visible whenever and wherever you're viewing, and allow for manual direction and slew control.

Designed for portability, the Evolution features a long-life lithium-iron phosphate battery providing up to 10 hours of continual use on a single charge. The scope comes with an AC power supply with plugs for the US, EU, UK, and AU outlets. The battery powers the servo motors, auxiliary accessory ports, a USB charging port, and the built-in WiFi. Manual clutches in both altitude and azimuth enable you to manually move and point the telescope when it's powered off.

Optical Performance

  • 6" (150mm) aperture
  • f/10 focal ratio
  • 1500mm focal length
  • Crown optical glass primary mirror
  • StarBright XLT optical coatings: Multi-layer aluminum/SiO2 (quartz)/TiO2 (titanium dioxide) mirror coatings with flat reflectivity across the light spectrum for both astrophotography/astroimaging and visual observation
  • Multi-layer MgF2 (magnesium fluoride) and HfO2 (hafnium dioxide) anti-reflective lens coatings
  • High-transmission water white glass corrector lens with 97.4% light transmission
  • Internal focusing mechanism
  • Resolution: 0.93 arcsec (Rayleigh); 0.77 arcsec (Dawes)
  • Secondary mirror obstruction: 2.2"; 37% by diameter; 14% by area
  • Fastar capability: Secondary mirror can be removed and a DSLR or imaging rig mounted in its place for fast wide-field astrophotography

NexStar Controller

  • 2-line, 16-character LCD display
  • 19 fiber optic backlit red LED buttons
  • Database of over 40,000 celestial objects plus 100 user defined
  • Automatically slew to planets, stars, constellations, and a variety of catalogs
  • Camera control: For piggyback wide field or conventional astrophotography through the OTA, the controller can automatically trigger the shutter release to capture the image
  • Anti-backlash compensation programs-out play between gears for more precise tracking
  • Tour Mode: Shows a selection of the most popular objects for the time and date you are observing
  • Constellation Tour: Allows the user to take a tour of all the best objects within a particular constellation
  • Alignment procedures: SkyAlign, Auto 2-Star, 1-Star, 2-Star, and Solar System
  • SkyAlign alignment: Takes minutes, with minimal effort or experience—point the telescope at three bright objects in the sky, and the telescope does the rest
  • Nine slew speeds: 4°/sec, 2°/sec, 1°/sec, 0.5°/sec, 2x, 4x, 8x,16x, and 32x
  • Sidereal, Solar, and Lunar tracking rates for observing the fast-moving Moon, to slower-moving deep space subjects
  • RS-232 communication port allows for computer control
  • Flash updateable via the Celestron website
  • Database Details:
  • Solar system objects including the Sun, Moon, and planets
  • Named objects
  • Stars: Asterims, variable stars, double stars, named stars
  • Caldwell catalog
  • Messier catalog
  • NGC catalog
  • SAO catalog
  • Constellations

Sky Portal App

  • Connect your smart device to the telescope via direct WiFi connection; no router required
  • Align and control the telescope from your device
  • App uses the device's camera and compass to determine location and what is available to see
  • Enjoy the same features as NexStar controller, but without wires
  • Expanded database to over 120,000 objects
  • Detailed information on over 200 popular objects including audio commentary, statistics, history, mythology, video, and pictures
  • Database includes: Sun, Moon, planets, star clusters, nebulae, galaxies, asteroids and comets, satellites, and the International Space Station
  • Simulate the night sky up to 100 years in the past or future to plan an upcoming observing session
  • Compass Mode: Hold device up to the night sky and identify objects such as stars, planets, and galaxies; zoom in to view fainter objects not visible to the naked eye
  • Night Vision Mode: Preserves night-adjusted vision
  • Listen to more than four hours of audio narration to learn the history, mythology, and science of astronomy and the night sky
  • Works as a stand-alone planetarium app
  • Free for Android or iOS mobile devices
  • Apple iOS 7.0 and later, or Android 4.0 and later

Mount and Tripod

  • Mount:
  • Motorized single-arm alt-azimuth fork mount
  • Altitude and azimuth clutches to manually point the telescope when it is powered off
  • Brass worm gears with steel ball bearings provide smooth movement with reduced vibration
  • 146mm diameter/180-tooth stainless steel worm wheels
  • Ports: One port for NexStar+ controller; one 5 VDC USB charging port for smartphones and small electronics; three auxiliary ports for optional accessories such as StarSense AutoAlign system
  • Runs on one internal rechargeable 9.6V, 4.5Ah lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery
  • Includes power supply with US, EU, UK, and AU plugs
  • Tripod:
  • Stainless steel two-section legs
  • Adjustable height accommodates a variety of
  • Spikes at the end of the legs provide a sure footing on soft or uneven ground
  • Tray keeps accessories and equipment safe and organized
  • No tools required to set up mount and tripod

Included Accessories

  • Eyepieces:
  • 1.25"-diameter barrel accept most filters
  • Anti-reflection multi-coated glass
  • Fold-down rubber eyecups for use with or without eyeglasses
  • 40mm eyepiece produces 38x magnification
  • 13mm eyepiece produces 115x magnification
  • Diagonal:
  • 1.25" snout and eyepiece holder
  • 90° angle places head in comfortable position when optical tube assembly is pointed at or near the zenith
  • Star mirror diagonal corrects view horizontally, but not vertically
  • Finderscope:
  • Projects a single red dot in line of sight
  • Unmagnified view ensures a wide field of view to make finding objects faster and star-hopping navigation easier
UPC: 050234120906

Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 Specs

Optical Tube Assembly
Optical DesignSchmidt Cassegrain
Aperture150 mm / 5.9"
Focal Length1500 mm
Focal Ratiof/10
Eyepiece Barrel Diameter1.25"
Diagonal90° Star
Optical Tube DimensionsLength: 16" / 40.6 cm
TypeMotorized; Alt-Azimuth Single Fork
GoTo CapabilityYes, Computerized GoTo
Material of TripodStainless Steel
Batteries1 x Built-In Rechargeable
Wi-FiYes (Built In)
Weight35.4 lb / 16.1 kg (Fully Assembled)
Packaging Info
Package Weight53 lb
Box Dimensions (LxWxH)35 x 28 x 15"

Celestron NexStar Evolution 6 Reviews

Many years later, here I am prepared to fulfill my childhood

By Robert
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2021-10-25

I am 83 and wanting to return to a hobby I had as a teenager. Back then I could not afford a fine telescope. Many years later, here I am prepared to fulfill my childhood wish. I called B%H this morning and spoke with Jacob. From the very beginning he was incredibly helpful. I explained to him that I was needing advice on purchasing a good Telescope and that I was interested in Astrophotography. Jakub was patient with me and help me understand the various options in selecting a telescope and the necessary hardware for Astrophotography. He was polite and happy to engage me in a helpful conversation. I did purchase a Crestron NexStar Evolution 6 with a number of Accessories. I am excited that I have finally fulfilled my life long wish to own a fine telescope. Thank you, Jacob Robert

Perfect Balance between Power and Portability

By Hong-Shu
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2018-06-16

As the owner of 8" Vixen R200SS and Meade 10" Lightbridge, I can confirm that NexStar Evo 6" offers clear and crisp view of DSO comparable to that in a 8" reflector. The resolution of planet-viewing is even better than that in my 10" Lightbridge. I think 6" SCT has often been underrated. The whole set of EVO 6 can be easily carried on the shoulder. The 6" OTA can be transported with the mount attached. I use three eyepieces: Delos 17.3, Delos 10, Pentax 14XW. SkyPortal is very easy to use, and the WiFi control is fantastic. For more advanced observers, I recommend SkySafari 6 Plus. Very satisfied with the fast service of B&H!

Great intermediate size scope with excellent features

By AfterImager
Rated 5 out of 5
Date: 2016-03-18

The Nexstar Evo6 is an excellent telescope for people looking for a reasonably portable goto scope with a long list of features. A big factor for choosing this over the Nexstar SE line is that it has an integral power supply where the SE line requires either a external battery or a very long extension cord to operate. The SE line of scopes simply will not function without the unit being powered. The Evolution line takes the internal battery a step further and gives you Alt and Az clutches so you can disengage the motor drives and use the scope manually if your battery runs out. When you add in the WiFi tethering to your smartphone the whole goto feature jumps to the next level. After aligning the telescope you can find any object with the SkyPortal app, tap your screen and off the scope goes. It really doesn't get any easier than that. The Evo6 was my choice over the 8 for the added portability. Both the 6 and 8 use the same tripod and mount but the optical tube is a good deal more compact. For casual viewing the 6 will do almost everything the 8 will do. The whole until breaks down into 3 components; the tripod, the mount, and the optical tube. I kept the packaging the mount and tube came in and now use that the protect and transport them as 1 piece like they were shipped. 2 bags (tripod and mount/tube) and I'm off. The tripod weights approx. 13lbs and is 32x9 collapsed down. The fitted foam block housing the scope and mount is about 22lbs and measures 22x15x13 combined.Not exactly grab-and-go but still very portable given how easy it is to assemble once you're at your site. The included eyepieces and diagonal are entry level accessories and you should consider upgrading them. The Celestron X-Cel and Luminos eyepieces are great replacements for the stock parts. An enhanced diagonal, dew shield, and the Celestron Focal Reducer should also be on your short list of upgrades. The cost savings between the 6 and the 8 would allow you to buy all of the above mentioned pieces straight away if your running right at the limit of your budget. Optical performance is simply amazing. Sharp and clean views even with the kit eyepieces. Add on upgraded eyepieces and the views just get better from there. This scope preforms better out of the box than the far less portable 8 dobsonian it replaced did. The goto SkyAlign was pretty simple even for a first time user. With experience I'm sure I could have the scope setup and fully aligned in under 15 minutes.

A nice intermediate scope

By Andrew
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2021-09-29

This is a nice scope for visual use. Even though the manufacturer advises no knowledge of the night sky is needed I would strongly caution against someone considering this as their first telescope. If you have a reliable friend that is willing to work with you as you learn the night sky and has knowledge of this type of alt/az scope then you could get away with it. Knowing the night sky is essential to getting this scope aligned and being able to see anything you have it go to. If you do not align the finder and scope correctly you will end up looking at just stars in your eyepiece and miss out on the real wonders of the night sky. There are objects you cannot see without a telescope and that is why you should be buying this for. The mount, part the scope sits in, has some weight to it so make sure you are able to manage the weight. Most of the weight is taken up by the built in battery. Having the battery built in is really nice as most motorized mounts require some form of external power. I would upgrade the diagonal to a 2" dielectric or better diagonal when you can. The supplied eyepieces are good to start with. Get yourself a 2x Barlow lens to double the amount of magnifications you can use. Planets and the moon will require you to make adjustments using the hand controller in order to keep them in view. I would not recommend this mount if you are looking to get into astrophotography. Over all a nice setup and pretty compact.

B&H performed perfectly, Celestron not so

By Peter
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2021-02-15

Telescope arrived promptly, as promised. Well packaged. Found poor quality control on tripod. Threads for one knob to hold leg length adjustment totally striped out. Having no thread repair kit for metric threads I tapped for next English size larger (5/8) as I had a knob for that size. Next found that the three-arm spreader did not fit as described. The central rod to hold it wasn't long enough to have enough thread exposed to tighten the retaining knob (had to add washers at top to expose enough thread). Also when knob is unscrewed to the lowest position the three arm spreader cannot turn past the legs as described. Rod may be one for a smaller tripod or spreader for a larger one or design is faulty. I can live with it. Too cold, cloudy and snowy to use the scope yet. Review that later.

The app doesn't work; many fatal bugs; unusable

By James
Rated 2 out of 5
Date: 2020-11-26

App crashes every time I use it. When it does, the telescope loses alignment. Then the app can't reconnect. Have to power off the telescope and re-align from scratch. Check out other reviews on other sites. Many say the same thing. Amazing that this telescope+app combination is as bad as it is. Totally unusable.

Nice first “real” telescope!

By Glenn
Rated 4 out of 5
Date: 2020-07-23

So far, so good. Love having the built-in battery. It has held charge over multiple viewing nights without recharging. WiFi has been okay, but has dropped a few times. We’ve done mainly lunar and planetary viewing so far. Still learning my way around the scope, but very pleased so far.

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need Manual to repair a Celestron Nexstar: is it available on-line?
Asked by: Anonymous
Yes there is. Here is a link: http://bit.ly/2blTcYI
Answered by: Alex S.
Date published: 2018-08-25

What is the AFOV on the included eyepieces?

What is the AFOV on the included eyepieces?
Asked by: GENNY
The 40mm eyepiece has a 43 degree AFOV due to the field stop limit on the inside of the 1.25" barrel. The 13mm eyepiece has a 52 degree AFOV which is normal for a Plossl eyepiece.
Answered by: Telescope
Date published: 2021-02-26


Do you need to use a Wedge ( Celestron HD Pro Wedge) for the scope to track an object?
Asked by: Warren H.
No, this scope has built-in GoTo and will track everything from the Moon, to planets, to deep-sky objects without the need to purchase any additional hardware. The Pro-Wedge converts the Alt-Azimuth mount into a rough polar alignment mount with extends the scope's ability to track in Right Ascension - Declination which is superior for very long exposure astrophotography. However the Wedge is not required to track objects with this scope in standard Alt-Az mode.
Answered by: MICHAEL R.
Date published: 2020-11-18

Do I need to also buy Starsense Autoalign to find ...

Do I need to also buy Starsense Autoalign to find stars with this?
Asked by: David
You can purchase the StarSense with this Scope, however it is not necessary.
Answered by: Alex S
Date published: 2020-09-21

can u adapt 2" eyepiece to it?

can u adapt 2" eyepiece to it?
Asked by: Richard
Yes, you can thread a Celestron 2' SCT diagonal to the rear cell and use 2" eyepieces.
Answered by: Telescope
Date published: 2021-08-04


Can I attach a Canon 6D with a mount to this?
Asked by: Anonymous
Your question is a little unclear. Do you mean attaching the camera on top of the telescope? If so, look at Celestron's universal piggyback mount. You will be able to use the mount to track. If you mean taking photos with the telescope - with the proper attachments, you probably could. The issue that you will come across is shooting near the zenith - I don't think that there is sufficient clearance for a SLR. I would check the forums.
Answered by: Myron A.
Date published: 2019-02-27


Does this scope come with a hand controller?
Asked by: Bryan P.
Yes, this telescope comes with the Nexstar+ hand controller.
Answered by: Navid V.
Date published: 2018-08-25


Does this scope continuously track an object?
Asked by: Justin R.
Yes it does. It has an alt-azmouth mount (up/down, left/right). You basically have to triangulate it with the right time and date so it knows your exact position on earth, and then it will track anything you're looking at. The process is easy -- pick three bright stars and center on each one in succession, and it will triangulate itself and you're good. It takes about 5-10 minutes.
Answered by: Ryan S.
Date published: 2019-06-06
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