Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter EX

Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter EX (Digital Foot Candle)

Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter EX (Digital Foot Candle)

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For 2 decades the Quantum PhotoMeter has served industrial, scientific, and laboratory needs for precision light readings. PhotoMeter's small size and robust design assure readiness for the varied light measurements it can take. The hand held PhotoMeter measures illumination for architects, designers, scientists, and industrial engineers. For example, it readily compares ambient illumination to video screen brightness to determine suitability of the visual environment. PhotoMeters also measure vehicle headlamps on assembly lines, survey stage lighting, or measure any light source or reflecting surface.

PhotoMeters are simple to operate. Press the Measure button to get continuously updated readings. Releasing the Measure button freezes the last reading for convenient reference. The Range button adjusts the measurement display for the resolution desired. The LED display is visible in very dim light, as well as direct sunlight. LED displays are inherently robust in comparison to LCD (liquid crystal) displays. Commonly available batteries power PhotoMeters for tens of thousands of readings.

ECONOMICAL SURVEY PHOTOMETERS E and L PhotoMeter is built in an "E" version for English units of foot-candles, and an "L" version for metric units of lux. These two models are suitable for most survey measurements and comparative or repetitive light readings. Both E and L models have an approximate match to the C.I.E. (standard eye) color response.

Measurements of luminance are possible with the optional Luminance Receptor PM13. PhotoMeter E will read out foot-Lamberts and model L in nits (candela/m2).

PhotoMeters "EX" and "LX" are precision meters required for scientific and laboratory work. These models utilize filtered sensors with spectral response tightly calibrated to the C.I.E. Photopic response. The illuminance receptors closely follow the Cosine Law: Relative Sensitivity versus Angle of Illuminance.

These "X" versions can be adapted and calibrated to the Flexible (12") Fiber Optic Probe PM-12, or Rotating Illuminance Receptor PM-11, or Rigid (1") Fiber Optic Probe PM-10.


  • Illuminance (Lux) - 0.1-99,000
  • Luminance - 0.01-99,900
  • Accuracy Spectral - 7%@2800K
  • Accuracy Electrical - 1% plus two digits
  • Sensor - Silicon with photometric filter
  • Batteries - Commonly available camera button cells: A76, MS76, 10L14, 357 or equiv.
  • Approx. size - 4 x 2.8 x 1.2" (100 x 70 x 30 mm)
  • Weight - 4 oz (120 g)

    NOTE: Luminance measurements with PhotoMeter E and L are possible with optional Luminance Receptor PM-13. Must be calibrated to individual meter. Quantum recommends ordering accessories at the same time meters are ordered. Otherwise, it will be necessary to return meters to the factory for calibration.

  • Accurate digital display
    Read foot-candles and foot-lamberts, or lux and candela/m 2 (nits)
    Tough construction for rough handling
    Useful for many applications
    In the Box
    Quantum Instruments Photo-Meter EX (Digital Foot Candle)
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
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