Visually Appealing Monitors and TVs for Gaming

Gamers! Want to find out about the best high-res monitors and TVs to enhance your gaming? Read about them here at B&H Explora.

A Few Things to Consider When Buying a TV for the Big Game

Every year, around the time that people start gearing up for the Big Game, TVs seem to go on sale everywhere. And similarly, every year, I try to caution friends, before you run out and grab the lowest-cost model you can find at your local big-box store, you may want to look beyond price to ensure that your new TV serves you adequately in the short and long run. Is the TV the right size for your space? When the game is over, is the picture quality up to the task of displaying the content you watch beyond sports? 

BenQ Zowie Monitors: For the e-Sports Pro

Monitoring the Situation with the BenQ PG2401PT

A monitor by any other name still looks as sweet and accurate, no? No. Picking the right monitor for your needs requires some fact checking, some hands-on experience, and an achievable goal of what you want the monitor to do. When you choose your monitor, you have to choose carefully.

Hands-on with the Compact BenQ Joybee GP2 Mobile Projector

The BenQ Joybee GP2 is a powerful projector that’s ideally suited for today’s mobile users, thanks to its integrated iPhone/iPod dock and ability to run on battery power. 

Pico Projectors

Also known as a pocket projector or a micro projector, a pico projector is a newly emerging category that encompasses the smallest projectors you can buy. 


New Joybee GP2 Ultra Portable Mini Projector

Some people buy an iPad to step up to a screen size larger than their iPod touch. But consider the 1.2-pound Joybee GP2 Ultra Portable Mini Projector from BenQ. With its battery detached, it weighs less than an iPad or iPad 2, yet the image projected from a docked iPod or iPhone dwarfs anything shown on a tablet.

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