Cotton Carrier

Carry Cameras and Binoculars with the New Cotton Carrier Harnesses

Carry your DSLR camera comfortably and intelligently—with an attached telephoto lens and related accessories, two DSLRs with attached lenses, or a DSLR and binoculars with one of three Cotton Carrier CCS G3 Harnesses. Using the harness allows the wearer to remain hands-free, and helps reduce unwanted camera movement. For stealth, harnesses come in Realtree Xtra Camo or gray.

Outdoor Gadgets: 10 Cool Things to Make Your Summer More Fun

Whether we think of them as essential tools or just cool gizmos, the gear we use makes our outdoor activities safer and more fun. Technological advances have brought us equipment that past generations could hardly imagine—and it gets smaller, cleverer, and more effective all the time. Here’s a look at some gadgets and gear that will enhance your outdoor adventures.

Savvy Shooter’s Guide to Dual-Camera Carrying Systems

Camera Holster Systems

Innovative and modular camera holsters from Peak Design, Cotton Carrier, and Spider eliminate the neck pain associated with wearing your camera strap and replace it with a weight-distributing, secure, and quick-access alternative. For a stable carrying method that restricts your DSLR from swinging awkwardly, this holiday season, choose a camera holster.

Solutions for Photographing in Cold Weather

Holiday 2012: Straps, Vests and Belt Systems

Professionals and discerning hobbyists know you’ve got to choose the right tool for the job, and specialization is usually the key. Of course, this inevitably leads to the accumulation of a simply massive collection of cameras, lenses and every kind of accessory you could ever imagine.


Compact Support Solutions: Tripods, Pedestals, Bean Bags and More

Whether you're shooting with DSLRs, camcorders or point and shoots, B&H has a broad array of compact tripods, bean bags and more for photography and videography in every style imaginable to suit your needs. You can even find pedestals specifically for pro video and broadcast applications.


Gifts for Photographers

Choosing the “best” or “right” gifts for the photographer(s) in your life can be daunting, to say the least. So to ease the burden of having to wade through a gazillion or two pages of our website in your quest to be on target, we took it upon ourselves to narrow the choices down.


Essential Gear for the Working Pro

As a working photographer, the center of the universe is your camera bag and its contents. Your cameras and lenses are the tools of your trade. As you may have noted, both are mentioned in plural because just as you wouldn’t jump out of an airplane without a backup parachute, you shouldn’t attempt to photograph an emotionally spiked, non-repeatable event armed with only one camera.

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