LG Doubles Up with the New V20 Smartphone

Back to School: 6 Phones to Study Up On

School is back in session and that means it’s time to outfit the favorite student in your life with the latest and greatest gear and gadgets. Topping that list should be a brand-new smartphone, capable of navigating the sometimes-challenging waters of post-elementary life. To make sure you or your student is well equipped and not left holding something technologically passé or so last year, we’ve compiled a list of five cool smartphones that recently hit the market. Time to study up!

Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge

LG VR Bundle: A World of Entertainment in a Compact Bundle

We live in a technological age in which advancements in entertainment and technology are not as impactful as they once were. This is evidenced by how blasé we are when we see something new and exciting. 3D TV? Meh. We stopped buying those a while ago. Smaller, lighter, more powerful smartphones? Yawn. A new one comes out every week, we’ll wait and see.

4K, 3D, HDR, and OLED: The LG G6P-Series 65" UHD TV Has it All!

LG 15.6" gram 15 Notebook is Feather Light

LG Announces First-Ever Modular Smartphone: the G5

5 Recommended Unlocked Smartphones and 1 Honorable Mention

With more and more phone carriers moving away from yearly contracts and offering leasing options in lieu of subsidized plans, options for consumers have never been greater. Unfortunately, more choices can mean more questions—like, which is the right phone for me? Existential implications aside, we’ve narrowed down your choices by rounding up our top recommendations for unlocked smartphones. 

CES 2015: LG UG9400 Quantum Dot Television

If wide color spaces and life-like color saturation are high on your priority list, you were likely very happy to see LG unveil the UF9400 series 4K LED TV at this year's International CES. Sporting Quantum Dot backlight technology, this LED TV is engineered to produce enhanced color reproduction when compared to standard LCD televisions, thanks to its higher color range. Quantum Dot nano crystal film technology can also positively impact image brightness.


How to Maximize Your TV for the Big Game

Football season begins in late summer and carries all the way through to the following calendar year, and even though that’s a sizable stretch of time, it passes by incredibly quickly for true football fans. It’s hard to believe, but it’s happened again: regular season and the playoffs are over, and there’s only one game left.


Holiday 2012: TV Essentials

No matter how smart the set, the TV will be challenged to deliver the most effective entertainment experience to you unless it is accompanied by a cadre of accoutrements—some useful, others essential.



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