New LG Digital Signage Displays to Drive Your Business

LG has unveiled its new lineup of commercial TVs and displays. Offered in a wide variety of screen sizes, they’re all well suited to help you get your advertising or informational message across.

LG Announces New V30 Smartphone

Read the announcement for the new LG V30 smartphone, on B&H Explora.

Field Test with LG E7P Series OLED TVs: Get off the Fence

In my humble opinion, there have been three things keeping OLED TVs from reaching the maximum fandom they deserve in the consumer space—price, a sales pitch, and availability. For starters, OLED TVs are expensive. While it’s easy to argue that premium performance demands a premium price tag, an argument I’ve made more than once, you need the right sales pitch to convince customers to shell out the extra cash. The great thing about selling TVs, especially top-tier ones, is that they don’t require much “selling”—seeing can usually seal the deal.

Be a Traveler, Not a Tourist

We’ve all seen them… maybe we’ve even BEEN them. People walking around New York, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, London, or (insert city), and everything about them screams, “I’M A TOURIST!”

My name is Chris… and I was a tourist.

Pump Up the Jam with LG Speaker Systems

Everyone knows that when it comes to music, louder is better. And if your neighbors don’t agree, you can drown out their complaints with LG’s new mega-powerful speaker systems. The CJ45 has a main unit, two bookshelf speakers with 1.57" tweeters and 6.5" woofers, and an external subwoofer sporting a 7" driver. It puts out up to 720 watts and has USB, AUX, and portable inputs along with a CD player and FM radio.

10 Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

Here are 10 great gift suggestions for Mothers Day, at B&H Explora.

3 Portable and Powerful Laptops for 2017

Finding the perfect balance between portability, performance, and battery life can be a tricky thing, when it comes to laptops. We’ve picked three different laptops, each with its own unique features, that may provide the balance that might be just right for you. See below for more details.

LG Announces Updated gram Notebooks with 7th-Gen Intel® Processors

LG has refreshed the gram line of notebook laptop computers. Read about it on B&H Explora.

Visually Appealing Monitors and TVs for Gaming

Gamers! Want to find out about the best high-res monitors and TVs to enhance your gaming? Read about them here at B&H Explora.

MWC 2017: A Few Takeaways

Read about some final thoughts on Mobile World Congress 2017, on B&H Explora.


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