Moving from Stills to Video: Audio, Audio, Audio

Audio is extremely important. Photographers haven’t really had to worry about this, but it is something that can make or break your videos. Watch some of your favorite movies and pay close attention to the sound—you will probably pick up some audio cues or effects that amplify the scene or action. If recorded poorly, audio can make something completely unwatchable. Have you ever opened a video online to crackling and noise and decided that it just wasn’t worth enduring? Clarity in audio is one of the most important things for keeping your audience immersed in the world of a film.

7 Audio Tips from the B&H Podcast Team

Over the past few years, podcasting has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity. With renewed enthusiasm in the commercial and “do-it-yourself” segments of the medium, the art of the podcast is quickly evolving. As the content has gotten better and better, the standards for sound quality, sound design, and music have also taken a quantum leap. In my time co-producing and engineering the B&H Photography Podcast, I’ve picked up some useful knowledge that’s helped me create better-sounding podcasts. In the paragraphs below, we’re going to explore some tips and techniques.

DJ Tips: Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

I’ve spent the past decade producing events and DJ’ing in a variety of environments. From boat parties to the high desert, I’ve learned some valuable lessons along the way. It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use, or how experienced you are. If you are heading out to play a gig, make sure you have everything you need. There’s nothing worse than showing up to an event only to find that the promoter didn’t follow through on the technical rider, or the sound engineer has only one RCA cable that’s being held together by electrical tape.

Shure SLX Wireless Microphone System for Venues and Sound Reinforcement

Back to School: Beat-Making on Campus

Headed back to school and looking for some portable inspiration to capture and produce your musical musings? Look no further as we explore what B&H has to offer. Whether you are looking to record to your computer and iOS devices, or you need an ultra-portable music production station, synthesizer, or drum machine, check out this list of “must have” gear that won’t break the bank.

Audio interfaces

Podcasters' Buying Guide

It has been quite an exciting year for the B&H Photography Podcast, as well as for podcasting as a medium, in general. Hugely popular shows such as Serial, Radiolab, and Reply All have taken podcasts to new heights in terms of amazing content, and have also substantially raised the bar for audio production.

5 Under $500: Vocal Microphones for Working Musicians

If there’s a king of recording equipment, there’s no doubt it would be the microphone. Arguably providing the most significant impact on your recorded sound (at least within the realm of gear), finding a mic that complements your voice can pay more dividends than almost any other purchase. Sure, the studio classics and vintage condenser mics run thousands upon thousands of dollars, but for the amateur or working musician looking to track themselves, there is no shortage of great mics used in pro studios worldwide for less than $500.

Gear for the Working Ear: Five Tools Every Engineer Needs

Who knows how it happened? Maybe the band chose you to record their DIY releases. Maybe you’ve been sketching demos out your whole life. Maybe you inherited a panoply of gear from your quirky uncle Alfred. Whatever the case, you’ve already got the bases covered (the interface, the computer, the MIDI-controller, etc.), but now you’ve got a real problem: you’ve been bitten by the bug—the engineering bug. You want to improve your skill set and your efficiency. You need to procure a tight ecosystem of gear that’ll get you from point A to point B as expeditiously as possible.

Unveiled: Shure KSM8 Microphones

Shure QLXD Wireless System

In the following video, B&H’s own Rob Rives demonstrates the new QLX-D digital wireless audio system, and some of the applications in which it can be useful. The video’s audio is all recorded through the QLX-D system, allowing you to hear exactly what it’s capable of capturing. Rives gives us a rundown of its specs, including the extended frequency range and AES 256-bit encryption. He also switches up the microphones he uses, demonstrating the line’s range.



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