Apple Unveils New MacBook Pros and Apple TV Enhancements


October 27 was a day many tech enthusiasts marked off on their calendars as we all waited to see the next wave from Apple. While MacBook rumors were the talk of the town, Apple began today’s event highlighting the success of its iPhone 7 and 7 plus smartphones and the newly released iOS 10.1 mobile operating system. On the hardware side, however, Apple unveiled three new MacBook Pros models, two of which feature a new design, a highly intuitive Touch Bar interface. Apple also debuted some pretty cool stuff that’s going on with its 4th-generation Apple TV, specifically its new TV app.

Apple aims to deliver a unified viewing experience, and the TV App will be made available via a free software update and will give users the ability to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, live programming, and more across their compatible iOS devices, which include the iPhone and iPad, from a single location. The app even offers syncing capabilities, which allow users to switch between devices easily when viewing content, without missing a beat. Watching something on Apple TV in your living room but now need to pick up where you left off on your iPhone? No problem. Siri also made an appearance, showcasing how it continues to get even more intuitive as it helps you navigate the sea of entertainment material out there.

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of its MacBook series, Apple unveiled the next generation of 13 and 15" MacBook Pro models. The first thing you notice is the innovative Multi-Touch, Retina-quality Touch Bar, which replaces the traditional Function keys located in the top row of the keyboard. The Touch Bar places system controls right at your fingertips and adapts when you’re using apps, such as Mail, Finder, Calendar, Numbers, GarageBand, and Final Cut Pro X. It even adapts to third-party apps, such as Photoshop and dj Pro. For example, the Touch Bar can show Tabs and Favorites in Safari, enable easy access to emoji and predicted text in Messages, allow you to edit images or scrub through videos in Photos, and much more.

The new MacBook Pros also come with Touch ID, which is integrated into the power button. Now you can quickly unlock your MacBook Pro and make secure purchases with Apple Pay using Touch ID.

The 13 and 15" MacBook Pro models are also thinner and lighter than their predecessors. They feature brighter Retina Displays with higher contrast and support for a wide color gamut, larger Force Touch trackpads, keyboards with a 2nd-gen butterfly mechanism, louder speakers with double dynamic range and improved bass, and macOS Sierra.

The 13" MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar and Touch ID starts at $1,799, and features a 2.9 GHz dual-core Intel® Core™ i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of flash storage; it ships in two to three weeks.

The 15" MacBook Pro with the Touch Bar and Touch ID starts at $2,399, and features a 2.6 GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 256GB of flash storage; it ships in two to three weeks.

There is also a 13" MacBook Pro model that starts at $1,499. It has traditional function keys and no Touch Bar, but it features a 2.0 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of flash storage—it ships today. 

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I am still waiting for a touch screen MacBook, pls listen

Well I am dissapointed that they have removed the connectivity I find convenient. I bought a late 2015 last year with the max ram and hardrive. I use the SD slot to transfer from my Nikon every job. It is especially convient when I travel. I still sell DVD videos to the ballet consumers. The lack of optical drive I have managed with at my desk. I have to use a thunderbolt adapter to ethernet for my Black magic video switcher. I regularly use a flash drive as well as a usb 3 port for a drive dock and printer, etc. So Apple is saying I should now use thunderbolt connectivity for everything. That just isn't possible. Thunderbolt doesn't rule the assessory world, but rather USB 3 does. I use a thunderbolt 1 raid drive but it appears I will need to adapt that also. They couldn't use the same plug? I'm interested in a faster machine but it doesn't look like there is significant improvment anyway looking at the specs. I came to Mac for Final Cut but when they abandoned FC7 I went to back Adobe. I will stay where I'm at for a while then reevaluate later in the year whether to go back to a PC. A new MacBook wood be less convienice for me which gets in the way of productivity to some degree. Apple are you listening?

I bought the 2014 MBP, I am assuming stuff has not changed but my thoughts will be reflective of my experiences.

USB and Thunderbolt were problematic on the newer super thin macbooks. The connectors inside the casing were fragile, one might even say FLIMSY!

Thunderbolt was a great idea but no thought was given to making sure the connectors were designed properly. They were not the right lenghth, there was no retention mechanism built into the connector or the macbook, that resulted in loose connections that would just fall out if you were not really careful.

The biggest dissapointment for the new gens of MBP was the power cord, the shielding around the power brick would fail after about a year of not very strenuous use, causing bare wire to be exposed or it would just break off completely. The brick had a tendency to get too hot!

i've almost killed my second power brick, i'm not even all the way through the warranty on my MBP yet.

The cooling designs that Apple is coming up with are not keeping pace with their push to make thinner more svelt computing platforms either. The lappy is hot enough to almost burn you where the cooler is placed.

That touch bar thing they are putting in is cool but my thoughts were, "oh great another thing that will probably shorten battery life unecessarily".

Other thoughts.. As these power books get slimmer, it's going to be darn near impossible for anyone to replace components that SHOULD be replaceable without buying a new one, for instance replacing the lithium power cell inside it. It should not require a clean room and an engineering degree either!

i think that all your problems disappears just with a cable ;)

I agree with the majority of comments.  It is just NOT helpful to the end user not to have any USB ports or SD card reader.  Not is it helpful to have no disc player.  Apple, are you paying attention here?  You might think you are being terribly clever, but you are just making it more difficult for us end users to do our jobs!!!!!  Give us back our media readers/players!!!!

I respectfully dissagree, USB-C has a lot more potential and a CF being put in the MBP now probbly wont be a UHS-II reader which is where cameras are going, even though you could get a USB-3 to UHS-II reader, I'd assume a UHS-II thunderbolt 3 would be faster, plus the internal card reader, it just takes up valuable internal space.  I don't care much about getting thinner, but more room for a better cooling system, better speakers, and several other things are more important to me.  I mostly use my MBP as a desktop anyway and yes, it would be a major pain and quite a large chunk of change worth of adapters, but my spec'd MBP is $3499 so what's another $200 worth of adapters but on the bright side, I could zip tie two sets of USB-C adapters and have four plugs total and plug them into any ports I want.  Much easier for the way I store my mbp when it's in 'desktop mode'  Ohh and as a wedding photographer, I only use flash drives.  Optical drives are DEAD.

Even B&H is getting in on the kill. Just notice they raised their price on 2015 15". I'm sad to say, this has definatley become a members (with money to burn) club. If you really look deep enough into what apple is doing you'll see they are masterly brain washing with ads and bs. Ipad pricing going up now because its a (pro), macbooks underpowered and port-less, now entry level macbooks with a PRO in front with old technology, but wait, there will be a early 2017 update with Kaby Lake that will be obsolete when they push it out..... I'm getting off this insane train and will turn to Microsoft who is the new technology king when my (late) 2013 expires. Sad days for the stuggling faithful. 

PS, Shame on you too B&H

I have no plans to continue investing in apple platforms. The lack of replaceable parts, particularly user replaceable parts is a deal breaker for me. Parts being arbitrarily obsolete or breaking too quickly is not helping.

I started my techy life at a very young age (hint Apple had just launched the Apple II platform), and have always built my own stuff or fixed it. The PC had my venue for that stuff after Apple got lost in the proprietary hardware game. Despite all the GUI emphasis, some operations still prove command line knowledge is still king.

There are lots of other competitors in the mobile and portable platform space, Android and Msoft Surface to name a few (I do dislike the surface designs though!).

It's really unfortunate to have the haters commenting here.  This is a solid update that positions the Macbooks for the future.  Apple just can't win with you guys.  People complained on the last refresh that USBc and Thunderbolt3 were not supported, and now you're complaining that it doesnt support the legacy ports.  Get over it.

These laptops are being positioned for future technologies.  Boo-Hoo that your old USB ports are gone.  Apple did the same with CD-Rom drives, VGA & legacy adapters, and the floppy disk.  Were you guys also complaining about that during that time?

USBc is the tech that will be around for at least the next decade.  Within the year, everyone else will follow Apple's lead (as usual) and you guys will simply look the other way and hope no one calls you on it.

I'm buying one the moment they are available in an Apple store.  I embrace change.  Go continue enjoying yesterday's tech.

Hey, update your Macbook, it'll be fine, it'll be better...except when I did it blew out iDVD, so go buy an external DVD burner. WHY? Then, I read that Apple decided that DVD's are dead; old tech. I guess they forgot to tell the thousands of Film Festivals around the world who require three DVD or Blue-Ray copies of any film submitted. That was a few years ago and Festivals still want DVD's, odd, the guru's at Apple said they were dead forever...or did they just want to force me to buy something that was built-in at purchase!? Damn, back to the PC world I go.

I giggle at this comment, after doing some reading about Mr Jobs and his attitude towards system design.. Apple had detractors from within the company too, not just the people who buy it. Mr Jobs was rarely ever satisfied with the way things worked, so why should we be any different?

Will the touchbar be compatable with the use of Non-Apple programs which require "key commands" including "F-keys" repeatedly during program use?

You can access the Function keys easily by holding the FN button on the keyboard.

Hubris!  Do it our way or be left. Be one of the uncool.  I never got a questionnaire asking what I needed, did you?  Mac users have been a loyal group. Apple manufacturing shows no loyalty to its customers. PC laptops look as good work as well as these new Macs. Think about your next equipment purchase!

Hubris!  Do it our way or be left. Be one of the uncool.  I never got a questionnaire asking what I needed, did you?  Mac users have been a loyal group. Apple manufacturing shows no loyalty to its customers. PC laptops look as good work as well as these new Macs. Think about your next equipment purchase!

I lament the loss of the MagSafe connector. It's saved my MacBook Pro several times, and it is way handy to just hold the corner of the laptop near the charging cable and have it connect itself.

I can't see how the loss of an SD slot would be a deal-breaker, though. A reader on Apple's site is about $50, and will probably be much cheaper elsewhere, and smaller. Hardly worth enduring Windows.

Apple is making the prices of their older Mac Books go through the roof.  Apple is continuing to abandon the professional artist market, death by a thousand cuts.

I love Macbooks, but why does Apple keep removing ports? Let's face it... Your making it difficult for the modern day designer/developer/creative producer on the go! What is the reasoning? Go back to the drawing board and start over.

Radeon again? No NVIDIA card? Then forget it. Apple just doesn't get it. They made the market for the pro graphics / media user. Now

they've abandoned us. No NVIDIA means no MCP for Premierre and no GPU direct path rendering for Adobe products. 

I'm so sad. My last pro is on the way out and I was waiting for the new release. However without the SD card it's pretty much useless for my line of business.  I have to be streamlined when on location and an extra piece of equipment for the "cool factor" and a little less weight makes it a no go for me. I will either have to switch to PC or buy an older model Mac. An unfortunate delema since I've been a dedicated Mac user since it's start. And what about the welded battery, so unfortunate. Between the Final Cut switch to ten without language for previous versions and now this, Mac is loosing the creatives business that made the brand so desireable (at least in my circles).

you're not going to buy a new MBP because it doesn't have an internal SD card slot?  They're like $20!

Are the batteries welded to the base of these laptops too, or can they be changed when they can no longer hold a charge?

Without a sd slot and dvd capability I find it useless.I hope that my 2013 Mac book pro lasts for a long time.Maybe apple will wise up and   include them by the time my current mac fails.Otherwise it back to a pc.

Any product that takes things away is not a good product.  I use both PCs and my laptop MacBook Pro at my home.  I love the MacBook Pro (circa 2008) but I find NOTHING enticing from the update.  The loss of DVD and other ports from main body are a "no buy" for me.  Apple computers were always known as the most complete with more built ins--from software to ease.   The direction is going more for less size that functionality in all products.  Phones with no head phone ports...lap tops with no built in connections not requiring more hard ware.... it is bad idea and will show in sales.  I, for one, won't be buying either.  When my MacBook Pro is ready to meet the big recycler in the sky I will be back with a Microsoft directed product for everything.

 Strongly agree! I made the switch from PC to Apple, over ten years ago. Macs mantra was, "it just works." They were very intuitive and fully, why will the market pay a substantial premium for not only a 2013 era CPU, but also, less connectivity? Apple is heading in the wrong my 10-year old 15" MacBook Pro is    ready for replacement, the MS Surface, or PC equivalent products offer extreme utilitarian value in comparison. Apple's style and coolness factors do not command the attention and innovation meriting their excessive prices. Returning to a PC environment will be be as refreshing as was launching into the Mac environment was, years ago.  The intelligent and objective thinker could not embrace investing so much money for dated and incomplete technological packages as represented in Apple's newest offerings… Sorry Apple… After our 10-year marriage, I am afraid we have to separate. From your recent stock prices and earnings forecast, it appears I am not alone in my assessment for underwriting Apple's premium prices for its 'first time earnings decline in fifteen years' platforms. Suggestion: add back the best CPUs, connectivity and pay for it all through curbing your workers' earthly Heaven campus and commitment perks.

Radeon Pro 455 with 2GB memory, This tells me everything, this are no professional computer at all, with this video card, is a disrespect to the user, a integrated part that can be replaced, so they can sell you external stuff...don't buy any from Apple, since Steve jobs died this corporation is a disgrace 

These new MacBook Pros are another bad joke, as Apple continues to alienate customers who once found the Mac's connectivity and customizability options so attractive...and as they continue to discriminate against visually impaired users who once found a refuge in the now-extinct 17" MacBook Pro. Apple has become a self-important, disconnected culture of arrogant, uppity snobs who are clueless as to what users want and need. Instead, they persist in destroying features and functionality that have been a useful and intuitive part of the Mac experience, sacrificing them to the New Paradigm of Anorexic Chic™.

I've been buying Mac Pro towers and 17" MacBook Pros that will last me in good stead, while Apple wanders off into their self-created fantasy land. I own one Mac Pro Black Trash Can, which cost me several thousand extra dollars just to add the same functionality I still have with my Cheese Grater Mac Pro 5.1. The Black Trash can is fast...I'll give it that, but it would be useless if it weren't for all the third-party gear I had to add to make it a useful A/V workstation.

I'm going to resist my desire to say "Bite me, Apple", and I guess I'll still keep my Apple stock. There are enough idiots in the world to continue to buy the fab groovy fave rave form-over-function crap that Apple's dishing out now that I expect the company to remain profitable. But they no longer have my wholehearted support. They've lost all sense of what made the Mac great, and so have ended up losing their direction forward. It's sad, really.

Well said...head in the clouds talking to themselves ...the computer for the rest of us has become the computer for somebody else. Somebody chanel Steve, quickly now...

Got to agree with you on this.  Who needs 4 thunderbolt ports so we can dangle a bunch of overpriced adapters on them?  What happened to the SD Card slot which was great for downloading huge photos from my Nikon.  And what is this obsession with thin?  I think my current generation Macbook Pro is about perfect.  I like raised keys not the cheesy flat ones in the current Airs.  I am also a shareholder and long time customer(Since the Apple II!), but i agree that real features seem to be disappearing and Jonnie Ive's form over function has reached the absurd.  How about getting a real engineer in there designing products for usability and not just appearance?

Earlier this year I purchased a used but otherwise new i7 MBP with 16gb of memory and a 512 go ssd for a little more than $1100.  So, for nearly double the price, I can buy a new, slightly thinner MBP with a slightly better display, less memory, a touch strip, loss of a MagSafe, USB-c which requires a dongle and removal of the vital sd card reader.  Enjoy.  I'm sticking with my 2015 model and you should too.

I bought my last new Mac in 2015. Never again will I buy into your constant obsoleting familiar useful things, like firewire and USB 2 or 3. Plenty of used Macs on the market, and both of my G4 Powerbooks still work fine, just not with your stupid new OSes. I will always use Macs, but never again buy a new one. I have two MBPs, 2009 ans 2011, and they do everythkng I need.

...except spell check.

OK wiseguys!    You always have to keep moving us out the last "comfort zone" (you just got us used to) to another TwilightZone.  Now this -- 4 tiny holes on both sides (2 per).  TBolt3 / USB-C.  Whopeee!!  

You took away the CD-DVD disc drive that "I really liked".  (So much so, that I never Let Go of my first MacBook Pro) (but come to think of it, I still have my two previous systems [with "towers" & "monitors"] in a closet!).  

Now the USB MicroCard Slot --from where I could do Tons of Things that pertained to moving pictures between my Nikon's and my laptop... or my music to whatever auto audio-system or home system with a MicroCard port.   

So does that mean BUYING more 'adapters' ease your way through with ”backwards compatibility" —for HOW LONG?    

What is Apple's "Projected Learning Curve" for its ever-faithful CLIENTS. Yes I say clients... not customers!   Which Apple People ARE... they are SO invested... they ALWAYS ‘amp up’ to the Next Greatest Thing.  Sooner or later, you cave.  Apple has its believers/buyers as truly ‘Clients for Life’. 

Just PLEASE tell me that you are going to GIVE me at least "one each" of ALL the adapters I'll need to make my new computer do everything (& more! - or why else would I go in debt again?) ---that my current MacBook does!

It looks nice, but the 512 mb SSD drive is a deal breaker. With the size of video and photos getting larger, that seems kinda lame. I'll stick to my MacBook Pro with a 1TB SSD.

The new MBP can be ordered with 512MB SSD, 1TB SSD or 2TB SSD. It gets a bit pricy with 2TB, but I would order with 1TB SSD at a $400 premium over the 512MB.

My bad... I didn't go into buy one and see the different configuration options.


Present models looking even better.

New model : $300 price increase, no magsafe, last years processor (Skylake instead of Kaby Lake)

Blame Intel.  Skylake is not yet available in Quad-core configurations yet.  Nice try blaming Apple though.

*mistake - I meant to say that Kraby-lake is not yet available in quad-core configurations and won't be until first-quarter next year.

I would say the 512 mb should be good if you use the Cloud for storage.  I'm using it more and more for important files along with backing them up myself.  Even SSD's fail.