Tether Tools Solutions for Photographers


Tether Tools is a line of cleverly designed products and accessories that provides tethering and workstation solutions for photographers in the studio or on location. It all started with the Aero Standard Tether Table. Fabricated from T6 Aerospace aluminum, the 18 x 16" table allows you to mount your laptop on any 5/8" light stand or on tripods and accessories with 1/4"-20 or 3/8"-16 female mounts.

There are six Aero sizes, from 14.75 x 10" to 22 x 16", to accommodate the dimensions of your laptop as well as an Aero for iMac that features a removable SecureGrip Stability Bar to keep an iMac or Cinema Display's base from slipping. The modular system features numerous accessories such as the XDC Mini and XDC Duo for external drives that mount under the table to conserve precious surface area. For those who prefer near-turnkey solutions for their Aero Table, Tether Tools offers accessory bundles such as the imposing Tether Tools Kit that includes a tripod, horizontal arm for the Aero, and a vertical arm and ball head for the camera. Kits for road warriors like the Tether Tools FireWire 800 include a 16 x 14" Aero Traveler, cabling, a StrapMoore cable manager, USB and Aero JerkStoppers to prevent inadvertent tugging out of your cables.

Tether Tools applies the same ingenuity to integrate tablets and iPads into your workflow or lifestyle. At the core of the modular system are the Wallee Case and Wallee Connect. Available in 3 colors, the super-thin case fits the back of your iPad like a protective glove. An X-shaped "receiver" accepts the Wallee Connect and several other accessories. The aptly named aluminum Connect has is a 5/8" receiver for light stands, magic arms, and other grip gear, while it's also tapped with 1/4"-20 and 3/8" female mounts for attaching to tripods.

The cherry on the cake is the Arca-compatible dovetailed base for quick releases. The setup is ideal for any kind of hands-free use like wireless "tethered" shooting to the iPad at a workstation, tele-prompter use in film or video, or for musicians using it as a midi controller, clamped to a mic stand. If you do have a free hand, slip it through the Wallee Hand Strap, which practically makes the iPad an extension of your arm whether you're a DJ in a club, coach on the field, or believe it or not, a surgeon in an operating room (yes, really).


Canon Shooters:
Tethering to an iPad does NOT include Live View shooting, it's strictly limited to photo transfer. There are no apps available allowing for the same Live Shooting to an iPad like there is to a MacBook via EOS Utility, e.g.

"T6" is not an aerospace grade of aluminum.

It is a shorthand designation for a class of heat-treatment applied to a number of aluminum alloys. Outside of the aerospace industry, the specific alloy used to manufacture components is generally 6061-T6, a medium-strength metal having the considerable advantage of easy machinability. This alloy is not widely used in aircraft, because higher strength forms of aluminum are readily available.