Adobe MAX 2019 Brings Massive Updates, Including Photoshop for iPad


Create anywhere, any time, on any device with the latest Adobe products. At Adobe MAX 2019, the curtains have been lifted on the next generation of professional Creative Cloud, including the official release of Photoshop for iPad. Looking at the updates and releases, Adobe is putting an emphasis on being able to work on whatever device is most comfortable for you, and this includes being able to switch between a desktop, laptop, or even tablet if the situations call for it.

Adobe Photoshop on iPad

Creative Cloud on Every Surface

A lot of emphasis has been put on Adobe’s mobile offerings, with the headliner being Photoshop on iPad. This was previewed about a year ago and even at Apple’s special event revealing the latest iPad Pros. Now, you can download it for yourself and enjoy a completely mobile workflow. Adobe has completely rebuilt the software to make the most of the iPad’s touch interface and processing optimizations and yet still retain the code base and power of the desktop version. It will support PSD files, cloud documents, multiple layers, and many of the tools users have come to love. At launch, it features a notable, but still limited set of tools optimized for designers and photographers, but Adobe has stated that more features are on the way.

Adobe Fresco on Windows

Not only Apple gets some Adobe love today—Adobe Fresco is now making its way to Windows, including the Microsoft Surface Pro X line and Wacom MobileStudio Pro. Now more users can benefit from a mobile drawing experience with raster, vector, and Live Brushes.

Previews are another calling card of Adobe MAX, and this year sees two solid releases coming to mobile devices. First, a follow-up to Photoshop on iPad is the reveal that Illustrator is coming to iPad, as well. Designed with the same methodology as the just-launched Photoshop on iPad, this release of Illustrator should allow many to enjoy a mobile workflow with vector images to create illustrations. And, the second reveal is of Adobe Photoshop Camera. This mobile app maximizes the quality of your device’s camera. Using Adobe Sensei, this app will automatically optimize the quality of your photos and provide a library of effects and lenses for added creativity.

Adobe Photoshop Camera

Creative Cloud Gets Annual Boost

It wouldn’t be an Adobe MAX without the next generation of the flagship Creative Cloud Suite. Lightroom now has in-app tutorials for an interactive learning experience, because there is a Panorama Fill Edges using Content-Aware Fill for cleaning up the edges of your images. Premiere Pro gets an interesting Auto Reframe tool powered by Adobe Sensei to keep critical objects in the frame. After Effects gains “significant performance updates,” which should be a great help for the graphics-heavy product. And InDesign has support for SBG files and the option to use Variable Fonts in the app. Asset Link is now available, too.

Other changes are coming or have been recently launched. A beta feature of Adobe XD is Coediting, allowing multiple users to work on a project simultaneously. The Creative Cloud Desktop app has received a notable facelift and is easier to use. Another release is that of Adobe Aero, a new tool for working with Augmented Reality. It uses tools from other Creative Cloud programs for a more intuitive and easier workflow for newcomers to the genre.

Adobe XD Coediting Beta

To get your hands on this new software, you have to be a Creative Cloud subscriber. Current users will be able to download these updates as they normally would. If you need to get a subscription, the two most common offerings are the Creative Cloud Photography Plan, including Photoshop, Lightroom, and other related programs and mobile variants, or the full Creative Cloud package, including all Adobe has to offer.

Are you excited for these latest releases? I know I’m going to test Photoshop on iPad today. Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section, below.