B&H Photo News Roundup: Week of February 25, 2024

B&H Photo News Roundup: Week of February 25, 2024

Last week was a busy one, with CP+ bringing tons of exciting photography news. This week sits between CP+ and WPPI, so there isn’t too much to discuss. We have a few cool accessories to mention, namely the Core SWX NANOX series of batteries and PGYTECH Card Reader/Case Combos. In the consumer tech space, Samsung released the Galaxy Book4 Pro 14" and 16" Laptops.

Additionally, the FUJIFILM X100VI has easily become one of the most popular releases of all time, so we have some extra content about it you might enjoy.

Core SWX NANOX batteries lighten the load

Batteries are the inevitable chunk of weight you need to toss into your bag, and with physical limitations in their chemistry, there hasn’t been much to do about it. Core SWX has something of a solution to this problem—the NANOX Micro Battery Pack Series. These V-mount and Gold-mount battery packs shave about 20% of the weight off traditional designs and come loaded with some of Core’s latest tech.

NANOX Micro Battery Pack Series

Key to the series is the NexCore shell, a polycarbonate material that offers outstanding protection without the bulk. It also has an EmLED display that’ll keep you informed about the current battery status and health. A wraparound LED gauge makes sure the battery status is visible at nearly any angle.

Core has made two sizes for each mount, 98Wh and 147Wh, to fit different production needs. It can keep your rig going for a long time and has D-tap, USB-A, and USB-C PD ports for juicing up all your devices. That 100W USB PD output can even keep a laptop powered up or be used to charge the battery itself using your USB AC adapters.

These are nice new options in the power space.

PGYTECH reinvents card storage with combo reader/case

Often, it’s the small things that make the biggest impact, which is why I would like to mention the PGYTECH CreateMate Card Reader Cases. Instead of carrying around two things, now you only have to carry one, since your card storage and reader needs are both covered.

PGYTECH CreateMate Card Reader Cases

The case has a built-in reader capable of achieving 1,000MB/s transfer speeds over the integrated USB cable. Real speeds will depend on the version you get and the cards themselves. PGYTECH has made three models: CFexpress Type A/SD, CFexpress Type B/SD, and SD/microSD. Each case will hold a combination of card types, including CFexpress, SD, microSD, and Nano SIM.

As for being a case, the CreateMate is IP54 rated so it’ll hold up to the normal wear and tear of being tossed around in a camera bag. Also, it has a carabiner attachment so you can make sure it is completely secured where you want it and still keep it in reach.

It’s a unique product and a good-looking one.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro packs latest Intel® AI technology

The AI revolution is underway and Samsung is jumping in with the Galaxy Book4 Pro Laptops, available in 14" and 16" variants. Inside is the Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 155H—a 16-core processor complete with a neural processing unit (NPU). That NPU, along with Intel®’s work with over 100 developers (ISVs), supercharge AI features in loads of applications.

Samsung Galaxy Book4 Pro Laptop

Samsung took care with the Book4 Pro design, starting with the screen. This is a 14" or 16" Dynamic AMOLED display with a 2880 x 1800 resolution. That 16:10 ratio is often considered more useful than the common 16:9 screens of other devices. They support multi-touch and Intel® Arc™ graphics introduce features such as raytracing.

Connectivity is no slouch either with Thunderbolt™ 4, HDMI 2.1, and USB-A all available.

Being Samsung, you will get some great synergy between the Galaxy Book4 Pro and other Samsung devices. You can use a Galaxy tablet as a second screen or even use your smartphone as a webcam.

It’s a good-looking computer.

In other news…

  • FUJIFILM’s X100VI is one of the most popular cameras we have ever seen. Check out this video covering the key upgrades over the previous model.

  • First announced at CES, LG’s lineup of 2024 OLED and Quantum Dot LED TVs is now available to order. DPA released a new shotgun microphone designed to compete. B&H’s Jordan Gallant took the 2017 for a spin in this hands-on review.

  • Looking for a new hard drive? Samsung released the T9, an even faster SSD, thanks to the USB 3.2 Gen 2x2 connector—though you might have a hard time finding a computer to make the most of the drive’s potential. Read more about it in Bjorn Petersen’s hands-on review.

Hope to see you again next week!