Celebrate National Photography Month with B&H!


Just in case you missed the parades, banquets, gifts, and fireworks on May 1, the month of May is National Photography Month! And, as a dedicated reader of this blog or patron of the SuperStore, you probably know that we consider every month of the year B&H Photo Video is Photography Month. Even though we celebrate photography daily, B&H Photo Video is proud to join in the National Photography Month celebrations with special deals and celebratory web content on Explora!

So, for the month of May, enjoy some great deals on photography gear from B&H Photo Video and enjoy some of our celebratory content on Explora!

Future Celebrations

Don't forget that June 29 is National Camera Day, and August 19 is World Photography Day!


This is a good article, but you failed to mention that in 1987 Congress declared May as National Photography Month. That seems like a pretty important fact to be overlooked. 

Hi Kristin,

Thank you for your message.

Actually, I believe you are the victim of internet-sourced "alternative facts" in this case as I know there are a lot of photo websites that mention a Congressional involvement in National Photography Month.

We at B&H Photo researched this, looking for the official documentation to present to our readers, but, we are sorry to say that the U.S. Congress never proclaimed that May is National Photography Month.

What we did find was a joint resolution from the House and Senate from March 22, 1984—S.J.Res.250 and H.J.Res 510—proclaiming that May 7 through May 13, 1984 would be declared “National Photo Week.” The resolution was introduced by the late Republican Senator Howard H. Baker of Tennessee and enjoyed wide bi-partisan support. Many know Baker as a former Senate Majority Leader, one of President Ronald Regan’s Chiefs of Staff, and the man who, during the Watergate Investigation, famously queried, “What did the president know, and when did he know it?”

It is interesting to know that Senator Baker was an avid photographer who started taking photographs at age 12. Through his years, he photographed famous celebrities and politicians, his travels, and his family. His images were published in National Geographic, Life, his website, and his three photography books: Howard Baker’s Washington, Scott’s Bluff and Big South Fork Country, and Scott’s Gulf: The Bridgestone/Firestone Centennial Wilderness. He once said that photography “may be the only place where I can reasonably aspire to perfection.”

Going further back in time, President Johnson proclaimed that May 2-8, 1965 was Professional Photography Week in Proclamation 3649.

It looks like National Photography month may have been spawned by this, but our research has yet to find the true origins. Interestingly it comes to perennial Congressional celebrations, a Presidential decree is needed to create a monthly or weekly celebration that occurs beyond the year of the original proclamation—Black History Month in February is a prime example. A list of Presidential proclamations can be found in Title 3 of the Code of Federal Regulations.

Regardless, we are happy to be celebrating National Photography Month with our customers as this celebration intersects with our core passion here at B&H Photo. In fact, every month at B&H is Photography Month! :)

Thanks for stopping by to comment!

I was hoping to find it's origins here, but I see you've done some pretty extensive research! Thanks for the lessons, and for out-goggling Google!

Thanks, Phil! We are still searching for the definitive origins, but, rest assured, the US Congress is not involved!