Happy National Camera Day!

Happy National Camera Day!

Are you aware that June 29 is National Camera Day? At B&H Photo, the camera is the core of our very existence and, therefore, it’s a pretty momentous holiday. Decorations, balloons, festivities, and gifts! (Hey, where are my gifts?)

Whoever you are, wherever you are, stop what you are doing and celebrate by taking your favorite camera out for a walk and snapping off a few photos. Film, digital, pinhole, alternative process, mobile phone… it doesn’t matter. Go celebrate!

In between shots, check out our Classic Cameras page, as well as this great camera-related content with which you can celebrate.

1. Classic Cameras: the Nikon F  This legendary Nikon singlehandedly revolutionized the 35mm photography world. First, there was the Leica, and then the Nikon F and, since the F’s arrival, nothing has caused as much of a paradigm shift as this film SLR.

2. Allan Weitz’s Classic Camera Collection  B&H writer and podcast host Allan Weitz has an impressive collection of older cameras. Come inside and let him show you around.

3. B&H Podcast: If You Could Only Use One Camera, Which Would It Be?  DSLR, mirrorless, point-and-shoot, prime, zoom? Listen to a few experts share what they would take out into the world, if they could bring only one camera.

4. Classic Cameras: the Canon AE-1  Known to some as one of the greatest Canon cameras ever made, enjoy this look at the timeless Canon AE-1 camera.

5. What to Do With Your Old Camera? Here are Six Ideas  Many of us have old cameras lying around. Is there the potential for a newfound life of love for these treasures?

6. A Guide to Stylish Camera Bags  One way to celebrate National Camera Day is to give your camera a stylish new home, to protect it between snaps.

7. 27 Impressive Numbers About the World’s Largest Digital Camera  Got megapixel or sensor envy because your friends’ gear has more pixels than yours? It just got worse. Much worse.

8. Classic Cameras: the Leica M3  The Leica rangefinder has been the world’s preëminent photographic symbol for more than 100 years, and the M3 is known as one of the best examples of this legendary German camera line.

9. I’m Going on Vacation… Which Camera Should I Buy?  Vacations are where many of us seem to do most of our photography. This buying guide will help you make your vacation photographically memorable.

10. DSLR Camera Buying Guide  The DSLR is the photographic crown jewel for many image makers. Hordes of folks either want a DSLR, or want a newer one. This guide will teach you all you need to know about these cameras to succeed.

11. 12 Recommended Stylish Cameras  There are some good-looking cameras on the market today. Here is an even dozen of the best lookers around.

12. Taking Inventory of My Family’s Cameras  A love of photography and cameras could be part of our family DNA. Is there a photography genome? Enjoy this look at one family’s love of the art.

See you again on August 19 for… World Photography Day!


Hey Todd,

Well, I missed National Camera Day because (here comes my excuse) I was gearing up for my birthday on the next day which I don't really celebrate anymore. Just the same, I was out on the 29th of June with my X-T1 trying to fill up the memory card. Each day with that camera is a celebration of sorts so in essence I was celebrating Camera Day, I just didn't know it.

Think I'll mark down June 29 on my 2017 calendar now. Not June 30, 2017!

Hey Tom,

Happy Birthday! Yeah, its cooler to celebrate National Camera Day instead of getting one more orbit of the sun under your belt!