First Look: MeFOTO Air Series Tripods


In the following video, photographer David Flores introduces MeFOTO’s latest line of super-compact travel tripods, the Air series. Flores walks us through the main features of this tripod, including a HyperLock leg system for quickly extending and collapsing the tripod’s five sections, and the built-in selfie-stick functionality. He also details the differences between the compact BackPacker Air, mid-range Roadtrip Air, and the strong GlobeTrotter Air options. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite you to view the wide selection of other instructional and informative videos at B&


I did see de bubble level. Has it?

The "Air" version will not have a built in level. 

I wish that the video would show the ball head and it's adjustments on the different models.  The web site doesn't show it either.

Me too.  That is the only thing thats missing, otherwise it looks good.  Most of the travel  stands have 3-4 sections with screw locks at Each section, what a pain in the rump!  I like the one twist option.  DO I really need the bubble?  IDK, but this one is sure tempting me with the options.  Between that and the Manfrotto with the center pole that has a 90 degree tilt, it would be more versatile, but....this one looks more stable.   hmm   hard to decide isn't it.