Fujifilm Launches the New X-A7 APS-C Mirrorless Camera


Fujifilm has just released the new X-A7! Like the Fujifilm X-100T, the X-A7 represents a very solid way to ingress into the Fujifilm X-system of spectacular lenses and technology. At its core, the X-A7 features an all-new 24.2MP APS-C CMOS sensor that includes Fujifilm’s famous film simulations.

Composing is done exclusively on the camera’s LCD screen. Like previous X-A cameras, there is no EVF on the X-A7. The new X-A7 features a large 3.5" Vari-Angle 16:9 2.76m-dot format touchscreen LCD that twists and flips around for vloggers, content creators and, of course, precise selfie compositions—Fujifilm’s first Vari-Angle LCD.

The LCD is larger than the one that lived on the older X-A cameras, thanks partly to the removal of the “D-pad” 5-button control system on the camera’s rear that frees up real estate on the rear of the camera. Now, menu navigation and more is done with joystick similar to what is seen on the newest X and G-system cameras.

Performance-wise, photos can be captured at up to ISO 51200 and the camera shoots stills at 6 frames per second and can record UHD 4K video. Fast autofocus comes with face and eye detection. All of this power is wrapped up in a svelte body that is very compact and lightweight. The X-A7, with the XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens, checks in at 455g.

The new Fujifilm X-A7 is available paired with the XC 15-45mm f/3.5-5.6 OIS PZ Lens in silver, dark silver, camel, or mint green color for those creatives looking to accessorize with their outfits and/or decor.

Are you ready to jump into the Fujifilm X-system and is the new X-A7 your ticket? Let us know in the Comments section, below!


Sure, this is targeting the youtuber wannabes out there with that 16:9 selfie screen, showing black cut-offs in photo mode. However, if as bright as promised, it may serve well as a precise composition tool in bright daylight (after all, my 5yr old OLED auto-bright smartphone screen does just that). There are other benefits to having a dedicated viewfinder of course (e.g. candid shooting in low light, or old school anti-shake brace against your scull technique) or even saving battery, but these are probably lost on the target audience, who is used to composing on phone screens, graduating from smartphone clips and just wants better quality video. This screen will make the camera stand out in this segment, for this target population. That's the idea, and I think it'll work. Even the way the screen comes out favors vlogging, not street candids. I was getting into X100 for the OVF, but now would prefer a brighter flip screen, in the regular Fuji flip-up style, since that's what I'm using 80% of the time. I'd still want the EVF though, for the reasons above, in a more serious tool; but would be fine without in a small P&S, if the screen is bright (without tanking battery life).

Don't knock the camera, I have taken some fantastic shots with my (now old) X-A3. Throw some quality glass in front of this sensor and you'd be very surprised at what you can accomplish. Highly competent camera in a small and light package.

Yeah, this looks nice and all, but I'll confess I don't see what audience this is aimed at. Sure, sometimes it's not a problem shooting off the back screen, but if someone's a casual enough shooter that they don't see the benefit to having a viewfinder, I'm not sure why they'd spend the money on interchangeable lenses and APS-C sensor, when they probably wouldn't notice the shortcomings of a cheaper PAS. Especially when you could buy an a6000 (older, but still a great camera) for less than this, or an a6100 (soon), X-T20, or X-T30 (all more robust) for slightly more. Honestly, why not just release a special run of different colors for the X-T30 for those that want their camera to be both high performance and stylish? To each their own, I guess... 

Well, David O. "stole" my "deal breaker". No viewfinder and, except for "smart" phones, all cameras I purchase must have an optical viewfinder ttl or range finder because that's what I have been shooting for 30+ years. Camera manufacturers need to take a breath and reassess the direction they are headed for pros.

Respectfully, I must digress from the comment "...typical tourist..." as it makes no difference how you look. The gear you use doesn't make you a professional it's the end result and how you conduct yourself getting it. Give me a Kodak Brownie and I will run circles around any novice (and some pros).

Awesome Fujifilm New X-A7 APS-C Mirrorless Camera!  Definitely like what I read and the pics of this Camera.  This might be my Xmas gift to myself?

This looks like a very nice camera at a good price point. However it has a serious deal breaker (in my opinion), no viewfinder. It should have a good EVF or, at the very least, a good rangefinder style optical viewfinder. My criteria for any camera over $500.00 is it must have a hot shoe and a viewfinder. Otherwise you just look like the typical tourist who does one shot and thinks he has a good picture. Manufacturers should wake up and realize that a serious photographer needs those items.