Fujifilm Releases 110mm and 23mm GF Lenses for Medium Format


Fujifilm is going for both ends of the imaging spectrum with today’s release of the GF 110mm f/2 R LM WR and GF 23mm f/4 R LM WR lenses for the company’s fledgling medium format system. These lenses are designed for outstanding sharpness and image quality, with the ability to support sensors up to 100MP. Also, they both have fast, quiet autofocus via a linear motor, and are dust- and weather resistant.

The GF 110mm has an equivalent focal length of 87mm and features a fast f/2 maximum aperture—this will make it a popular choice for portraiture, where its focal length and aperture are flattering and can create images with extremely shallow depth of field and pleasing bokeh. The GF 23mm, on the other hand, has an ultra-wide 18mm equivalent focal length and boasts minimal distortion, making it a good choice for landscape and architecture.

Along with these lenses, Fujifilm is also announcing an updated lens roadmap with a telephoto prime and a teleconverter on the way. The View Camera Adapter G is also planned for release, in June 2017, for using the GFX 50S with 4x5 format cameras. Additionally, a firmware update for the GFX 50S is on the way which includes computer tethering via Wi-Fi and improved operability and AF.