Gitzo Pursues Greater Balance with the New Gitzo Gimbal Fluid Head


Celebrating 100 years of making fantastic camera supports, Gitzo has thrown its hat into the not-too-deep market of gimbal tripod heads with its new Gitzo Gimbal Fluid Head.

The gimbal head is designed specifically for very large telephoto lenses. The lens mounts directly on the gimbal head near the center of gravity of the camera/lens combination in such a way that the camera and lens remain stable even when not being held by the photographer.

Gitzo’s gimbal has a fluid cartridge, common on video tripods, that damps vibrations and keeps your movements smooth—especially useful when tracking moving subjects or when doing videography. The cartridge features an innovative fluidity control system, the whip-pan, that gives absolute control and helps ensure that high-speed panning does not destabilize the rig. The magnesium die cast structure is rated for 17.6 lb while only weighing 3 lb.

Your lens is attached to the Gitzo Gimbal Fluid Head with an Arca-type compatible plate.

If you are a fan of Gitzo’s beautiful tripods and own large telephoto lenses, but resisted getting a gimbal head in the past because the finish did not match your Noir Décor-finished tripod, you are now in luck!