Introducing the Reinforced Gitzo Ball Head Series 4


Upping the weight capacity while maintaining the precision and smooth operability it's known for, Gitzo has just released the Ball Head Series 4. This top-end ball head has been redesigned to support loads up to 66 lb, making it a truly solid choice for professional applications involving heavy camera-lens combinations, such as when working with super-telephoto lenses. Beyond just an increased weight limit, the new Series 4 head manages to maintain a relatively lightweight profile, seamless control, and is available with either screw knob or quick release lever locking methods.

Let's take a more in-depth look at this new Gitzo Ball Head Series 4.

• The standout feature of this tripod head has to be the impressive weight capacity of 66 lb. This should easily accommodate even the heaviest DSLR/mirrorless and super-tele lens combinations, making it a perfect choice for wildlife, birding, and nature shooting, especially when a gimbal head is too unwieldy or doesn't offer the desired range of movement.

• Despite accommodating up to 66 lb, the tripod head itself weighs just about 2 lb. Its relatively light weight and compact form factor pair perfectly with select Systematic tripods to create a portable but highly stable support system. In fact, the Series 4 head with a lever lock will be available in a kit with your choice of Series 3, Series 4, or Series 5 Systematic Carbon Fiber Tripod Legs.

• It features an Arca-type compatible quick-release plate, of course, and is available with either traditional screw knob or fast-action lever locking mechanisms.

• As you would expect from Gitzo, the ball itself has been designed for smooth and reliable use, even under heavy loads. The aluminum ball is a smooth-coated hollow sphere and is rated to perform in a wide temperature range from -22°F to 158°F.

• A dedicated thermo-stable fluid panning cartridge ensures super-smooth horizontal panning motions for tracking laterally moving subjects or just for seamless panoramic stitching movements.

• For intuitive and responsive handling, the ball head features an independent friction control wheel and a fast lock knob for quickly freeing the head to track subjects at a moment's notice.

• There's also an independent panning lock and an integrated bubble level to further suit making accurate compositions.

If you're in the market for a high-capacity ball head, this Series 4 Ball Head checks a lot of boxes without deviating from the quality and simplicity you'd expect from Gitzo. It supports the heaviest camera-and-lens setups you can manage, can move fluidly and easily for working with wildlife subjects, and still features a portable and intuitive design.

What are your thoughts on Gitzo's latest tripod head? Are you a fan of ball heads when working with super-telephoto lenses? Let us know your thoughts down below, in the Comments section.

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Well, now that this pro has the best in camera and tripod/head equipment, someone should show him how a lens hood works 😏.