Lastolite Introduces 6 x 7-Foot HiLite Softbox Accessories


Though the initial Lastolite HiLite Illuminated Background was designed to create smooth, clean backgrounds for high-key setups, such a large, soft light source quickly found a second calling as a softbox. Measuring 6 x 7', the HiLite has become one of the most effective solutions for backgrounds and lighting and, to get even more out of it, Lastolite has developed a series of accessories and shapers to control the light even more. Starting out with a few options for the 6 x 7' HiLite, photographers will now have access to a Window Voile, Shaper, and Shapers and Masks.

Window light is one of the most desired forms of lighting in photography. It flatters nearly everything and, if positioned in the frame, can add to the overall feel of the environment. With the Window Voile, you can create your own window light nearly anywhere you would like using the HiLite. It employs a collapsible aluminum pole that clips to the top of the HiLite and then hangs freely like a curtain.

Window Voile

Next up is the Shaper, a 34" black panel that mounts in the same way as the Window Voile. This device functions as a mask for a portion of the HiLite's area, and can be positioned to adjust the effect for each image. A couple of uses are to split the light into two separate strips by positioning it somewhere in the middle, or to shrink the overall size to direct light onto the scene. Stepping up from this is the complete Shapers and Masks set, which includes the 34" panel, as well as two 26" shapers for more control over coverage, as well as three masks for the top and sides, helping to eliminate any unwanted spill. Users can use as many or as few pieces as needed to create a distinct look.

Shapers and Masks

Have you been using the HiLite as a softbox? Do you like the introduction of these new accessories? Let us know in the Comments section, below!


Is this accessory compatible with the 5X7 Hi-Liter?

Unfortunately, these accessories are limited to the Lastolite 6 x 7 Hilite only.