New Tripod Legs and Heads from Vanguard


Set up your camera and enjoy the benefits of stability and creative flexibility with Vanguard’s new Alta Pro 2+ tripods and tripod kits. Each option can comfortably support a DSLR or mirrorless camera up to heights that are ideal for most subjects, from portraits to landscapes. For added versatility, each tripod’s center column is connected by a fulcrum which enables 90° of upwards or downwards tilt. Additionally, the center column can be independently rotated 360°. With the ability to push and pull the center column always, those tilt and swivel movements allow the center column to be used as an extendable cross arm or a miniature camera boom. An attached camera can then be raised toward an elevated subject, over a scene, or extended past the tripod’s legs for copy stand or macro photography. For subjects along the ground, the center column can also be used to obtain low angles while you stand comfortably behind the camera.

The Alta Pro 2+ 263AB100 Aluminum-Alloy Tripod Kit includes an Arca-type Alta BH-100 Ball Head for fast camera positioning, while the Alta Pro 2+ 263AP Aluminum-Alloy Tripod Kit and its Arca-type, Alta PH-32 3-Way, Pan-and-Tilt Head is ideal for precise adjustments. Like those aluminum-alloy tripod kits, the Alta Pro 2+ 263CT Carbon Fiber Tripod uses 3-section legs, while the Alta Pro 2+ 264CT Carbon Fiber Tripod uses 4-section legs that save additional space while folded for storage or travel. The carbon fiber material minimizes weight, and both the Alta Pro 2+ 263CT and Alta Pro 2+ 264CT are compatible with the Alta BH-100 Ball Head, which is separately available.

Each of Vanguard’s new Alta Pro 2+ tripods and tripod kits include polymer covers that provide a secure and comfortable grip, rubber feet, as well as a hexagonal center column for increased rigidity that helps to ensure that unwanted vibrations do not reach your camera or your pictures.

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