Pelican Adds the MOLLE Lid Organizer System to the 1650 Protector and 1535AirWF Cases


Is it possible to be too organized or to have too many storage options for your gear? Pelican doesn’t think so, and the company has just rolled out two new easy-to-install-and-remove, supremely versatile Pelican EZ Click MOLLE panels for use inside the lids of your 1650 Protector Case and 1535AirWF Case.

The MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment) system is basically a plastic, metal, or fabric webbing grid that allows attachment of any number of pouches or hook-and-loop fastener strips to a MOLLE surface. For its case lids, Pelican has designed a rugged and semi-rigid plastic insert that installs easily and allows you to mount and quickly access gear attached to the MOLLE grid when you open your case. Items like flashlights, light meters, remote triggers, tools, or a small bag of essentials can now be attached to the case lid so that you don’t have to dig into the depths of the case to find small items.

The EZ Click Swing Cam Lock is designed to keep the MOLLE panel securely in place, yet facilitate a quick installation, or, if you need foam back in your lid, quick removal to return the case to its stock configuration.

Pelican EZ Click MOLLE panels are available for the following Pelican Cases:

1510 Protector CaseEZ Click MOLLE Panel

1535AirWF CaseEZ Click MOLLE Panel

1560 Protector CaseEZ Click MOLLE Panel

1610/1620 Protector CaseEZ Click MOLLE Panel

1650 Protector CaseEZ Click MOLLE Panel

Are you ready to get organized with the EZ Click MOLLE panels for your Pelican cases? Are there other EZ Click panels that you would like to see added? Let us know in the Comments section, below.