Product Photography Just Got a Whole Lot Easier, with Foldio


One of the simplest ways to make some extra cash in 2018 is selling stuff online. Whether it's that shirt you haven't worn since you bought it, those shoes that looked perfect with that one dress that mysteriously disappeared, or those hideous bookends you got for your birthday—someone, somewhere wants it a lot more than you.

So, you've made the decision to sell that doodad. Now you need a picture. Putting a pair of shoes on your worn-out carpet and snapping a quick shot with your phone is certainly one way to do that, but wouldn't you rather have something a bit more professional looking? To get a professional product shot, you'd normally need some combination of the following: a DSLR, strobes, gapless backdrops, studio space, light stands, backdrop stands, etc. A lot of stuff.

Foldio Mini Studios from ORANGEMONKIE

Enter Foldio, a portable, foldable mini studio (see how they got the name?) that comes with daylight-balanced LED light strips. Manufacturer OrangeMonkie claims Foldio can be set up in as little as ten seconds, thanks to magnets embedded in the studio's walls.

ORANGEMONKIE Foldio2 15" Mini Studio

It comes in three sizes: the 10" Foldio1, a 15" Foldio2, and the 25" Foldio3 that cover a wide variety of photographic needs.

Foldio Mini Studios from ORANGEMONKIE

The LED strips can be dimmed or individually turned off on the Foldio2 and 3 to achieve the desired lighting effect or, in the case of the Foldio3, paired with the Halo Bar, which sits at the front of the studio and adds another light source with which you can experiment. Additionally, all Foldios come with a set of gray, white, black, and green seamless backdrop sheets that provide a clean background for all your product shots.

With a professional lighting setup, you can show off the quality of the product you're trying to sell. That prospective customer will see the photo you've taken of those birthday bookends and have a better understanding of what the product is and whether they want to buy it. Now they've got something they want, and you made some money. It's a win-win.

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