Rokinon Expands Fast f/1.2 Mirrorless Line with 35mm Lens


Expanding its series of ultra-fast f/1.2 optics for mirrorless cameras, Rokinon has revealed an all-manual 35mm f/1.2 ED AS UMC CS Lens for Canon EF-M, Fujifilm X, Micro Four Thirds, and APS-C Sony E cameras. This lens provides shooters with a fast normal-length lens equivalent to about 52.5mm on APS-C systems, or a short telephoto 70mm with the Micro Four Thirds cameras. The f/1.2 maximum aperture will help shooters work in low light, as well as create images with extremely shallow depth of field. Also, the lens incorporates one ED and two aspherical elements to combat aberrations and maximize quality at all aperture settings. Additionally, it uses an Ultra Multi-Coating to reduce the impact of flare and ghosting for a crisp, clean image.

The durable lens features completely manual operation, including a manual focusing ring and aperture ring located on the barrel for fast, intuitive control. The system permits focusing as close as 1.25' for getting tight shots of your subject. And along with all of this, a nine-blade aperture diaphragm will help produce smooth, circular bokeh.


I think Olympus shot themselves in the foot with the pricing of this camera--if I wasn't tied in with m4/3rds I would have to go with Sony

SONY doesn't have a 2X crop sensor camera that competes with the EM-1 MKII. They are different animals for different applications. Some people shoot both. The SONY lenses are 2X the size/weigh/and often more expensive, not nearly as many choises. Many people don't buy on price alone. They buy what works.for them. If you want a 2lb f/2.8 80-300 zoom, or a 3lb 600mm f/4 that won't break your back and cen be hand held you need an OLY. Add a 1.4X teleconverter and shoot 420mm & 840mm and carry both. Much heavier/bigger in fulll frame. Its about what you need.

The new EM-1 MKII has TWO quad processors in it. It can track flying birds across a tree line. It may be a game changer. If it doesn't sell, the price will come down. Give it time. It hasn't shipped yet. No reviews are available from consumers - only specs. Customers reviews are a month away. 

What do you need for ISO? ISO 1 Billion? FF sensors are only betr in the real world at DOF. You can bright some of that gap M43 lenses down to f/1.2 now. F/1.8 is getting reasonable. Thats f/3.5 on a FF sensor - the standard. No, M$# cant; compete with FF for DOF but f/3.5 on FF is good enough for most people and you can ddo that in M43. Apples to oranges. If you need f/1.2 but FF. If you can live with f/3.5 M43 is an option. With long lenses DOF is compressed anyway so the real question is do you want to carry a 3-5lb lens or a 1.5-3lb lens. OLY lenses are as sharp as it gets to anybody viewing large prints - advantage cropped sensor at 150mm and up, advaantage FF at 150mm and down. Price is not related. Application is.