The Angler ParaSail, A Fresh Take on the Parabolic Umbrella


Photographers who have been looking for something a bit different from the norm for shaping their light should look at the ParaSail Parabolic Umbrella from Angler. Available in 45, 60, and 88" versions, this wing-shaped umbrella offers versatility and a unique look compared to other modifiers. To start, the umbrella features a true parabolic shape and white interior that will help create a soft wraparound light while the shape means that it can fit more easily into home studios or rooms with low ceilings.

Amplifying the capabilities of the umbrella is the removable black/silver backing which, when attached, will help create crisp details and ensure maximum output. When removed, users will have a very soft and neutral light. The ParaSail uses fiberglass ribs and rods to ensure a uniform shape after many uses. And, it has a sturdy 8mm aluminum shaft that is compatible with a majority of umbrella holders and lights.