Think Tank Photo: New Carry Options for Cameras, Light Stands, Memory Cards


Think Tank has announced a variety of new products for photographers looking to keep their gear organized and mobile in the Studio Manager 52, Vision camera bags, and Pocket Rocket memory card cases. Studio shooters will rejoice at the Stand Manager 52, a rugged, rolling case capable of carrying up to four C-stands or multiple traditional light stands, modifiers, rolls of seamless, or other accessories up to 52" in length. Combining internal tie-downs with an external compression system, even awkward gear can be secured in place while crush-resistant ABS twin-wall makes sure heavy stands do not make surprise appearances outside of the case. Replaceable, shock-absorbing wheels and water-resistant fabric adds further durability to this case.

Additionally, three new camera bags join the Think Tank lineup. The Vision 10 fits a standard DSLR body with small zoom attached, 1-2 additional lenses, and 10" tablet. For photographers needing a few more options, the Vision 13 fits a standard DSLR body with 24-70mm attached, 1-3 additional lenses, 10" tablet, and 13" laptop. Photographers who need to be prepared for anything will appreciate the Vision 15, which can fit a standard DSLR with 24-70mm attached, 2-4 additional lenses, flash, 10" tablet, and 15" laptop. All the bags feature waterproof tarpaulin bases, internal zippered flap for further protection from the elements, and are available in Graphite or Dark Olive.

Finally, five new memory card cases are available for storing a variety of media. The Pixel Pocket Rocket houses 10 CF or XQD cards; the Pee Wee Pixel Pocket Rocket holds 4 CF or XQD cards and 3 SD cards, the SD Pixel Pocket Rocket holds 9 SD cards, and Secure Pixel Pocket Rocket, a zippered case that holds 6 CF/XQD, 12 SD, or multiple micro SD cards.