Creating Dynamic Landscape Photographs


Join professional landscape photographer and author Tim Cooper for an information-packed lecture on landscape photography. This very popular photographic discipline requires practice, planning, and a solid grasp of the technical side of image making.

In this two hour lecture, Cooper explains methods you can use to capture both dramatic and quiet landscape photographs, using proper light and good technique. He begins with a brief section on gear before discussing how the power of lenses can alter your perception of the scene. Next, he discusses the "magic light" hours of early morning and late evening. Delving deeper, he shows how these qualities affect our images at different times of the day and under various atmospheric conditions. Making great landscape photos requires planning, so Cooper talks about planning to be in the right location at exactly the right time at twilight. The lecture also includes sections on necessary filters, field techniques, composition, and ends with tons of tips and tricks to help you to make stunning and dynamic photographs of the natural world.

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