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Hitting the Pavement: Street Photography - Full Version


In this B&H Event Space video, street photographer Derek Fahsbender immerses you in his thought process and approach to creating dynamic images on the street, from candid moments to intimate portraits. Street photography has seen an incredible surge in popularity in recent years, and Fahsbender has made a name for himself with his vivid photographs of life as it happens in the streets of New York City.

Starting with the basics, Fahsbender walks you through his process before hitting the streets, from what’s in his bag, to his settings for success in quickly capturing images. Traveling the length and breadth of New York, Fahsbender photographs in every neighborhood, from trendy SoHo corners to South Bronx housing projects. He shares an eclectic mix of images, while talking about his creative process and explaining what he thinks about while shooting. If you’ve ever wondered how to go about nailing that "can’t miss" moment or colorful character you encounter on the street, watch this video and let Fahsbender motivate you with his tips and tricks. 


Fahsbender's presentation was one of the best I've seen on B&H videos. Not only the content but Derek's manner and ability to speak without "ums" and "ahs". Sometimes the photographers speaking skills are bad enough that I will turn off the video even though the subject interests me.

He may not say "um" or "ah" but he says "like" way too many times. It sounds like a teen-age girl and is beyond annoying. Otherwise it's a good, informative presentation. His photography is first rate.

Enjoyed the program. Street photo is something I havent done much of but was wondering if you have to obtain release from all these fokes you can clearly ID in the shots?

My understanding is that you need a release only if you are making money with the image.

Great presentation. The overriding item from this presentation is respect. Great tips!

Know the Hood:
How would a visitor to NYC know what neighborhoods are safe?

B&W vs Color:
I have two film cameras: one is loaded with B&W, the other with color. Depending on the weather, cloud cover of the day, I'll either bring my camera loaded with B&W or color to work.

"Okay, I'll delete the photo" won't work with film.