The Photographs of Rodney Smith 1970-2016


In this B&H Event Space video, portrait photographer Rodney Smith shares images and stories in a retrospective look at his long and illustrious career. He walks viewers through the creative trajectory that propelled him from early fellowship work in Jerusalem, to travels across Europe—photographing for both personal projects and commercial assignment—and more. This presentation provides a rare look at Smith’s career evolution, from his early executive portraits for CEOs of major American corporations to the surrealistic fashion assignments that became the foundation of his signature style.

Working primarily in black-and-white, and with available light, Smith shares valuable insights about the subtle ways in which light illuminates a scene—either through the compositional elements that infuse his images with character or in the distinctive atmosphere of various locations around the world. The presentation ends with a selection of Smith’s latest color work for international fashion campaigns. All told, you’ll be inspired by Smith’s lighthearted humor and knack for spontaneous invention, not to mention the tenacity of his vision in the face of unknowns.