A Universe of Antelope Audio at Your Beck and Call, with the Galaxy 32


Antelope Audio has taken the award-winning tech behind its Orion 32 interface and melded it with the company’s powerhouse Synergy processing, all to give professional mixing rooms and production facilities the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core—a multichannel audio interface with 32 channels of analog I/O, HDX ports for Pro Tools users, Thunderbolt™ 3 connectivity, Dante, Antelope precision clocking, and high-end AD/DA converters. With all this tech packed into an elegant 1 RU chassis, the Galaxy 32 Synergy Core will handle your recording and mixing duties with style.

On the I/O side of things, the unit offers 32 analog input and output channels over eight DC-coupled DB25 connectors. You also get 64 channels of I/O over optical MADI and eight over ADAT. Working a professional Pro Tools system? 64 channels are made possible over two HDX ports—even at 192 kHz! Logic or Reaper your thing? Boom: 64 channels over Thunderbolt™. With 64 channels of I/O over Dante (primary and redundant ports provided), the interface can serve you in any number of use cases, including on the road.

All of this is handled with Antelope’s famous 64-bit AFC clocking to give you precise imaging and reproduction within the digital domain. Furthermore, mastering grade converters supply up to 130 dB of dynamic range, so you can hear and capture all the nuances in your audio.

When it comes time for the mix, you’ll be happy that the Galaxy 32 sports 37 Synergy Core effects, with 30 more available for purchase direct from Antelope. These effects run on Antelope’s FPGA-powered technology and offer some of the most authentic analog emulations in the field today. You get your classic console tones, but Antelope has also brought other companies into the modeling game, with offerings from Gyraf, BAE, and others.

All of this can be handled via virtual patch bays, facilitating routing with easy, drag-and-drop moves, and color-coordinated labeling to help most people save time when setting up sessions. You can even route DAW playback channels through the unit’s built-in effects, souping them up with analog tone without flogging your computer’s CPU. And all of this is available now at B&H.

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