Antelope Zen Q and You: The Desktop Interface for Consummate Pros


With the Zen Q Synergy Core, Antelope brings you almost everything you’d want in a desktop audio interface: console-grade analog preamps, cutting-edge analog emulation software, essential I/O for recording and mixing, expandability to accommodate room to grow, and the precision clocking fro which Antelope is famous. Start with this Thunderbolt™ 3 interface, and you’ll muscle your way into a formidable, professional studio setup for years to come.

Let’s begin by describing what the Zen Q gives you right now: Two combo XLR-1/4" jacks serve as entry points to console-grade mic pres, with line-level and Hi-Z circuits to accommodate outboard gear and instruments alike. Furthermore, two dedicated 1/4" jacks sit on the front panel for added line and Hi-Z functionality. You’ll find dedicated monitor outputs, as well as separate line outs for additional monitoring or outboard processing.

All of this is bolstered by studio-grade AD/DA conversion with 64-bit AFC clocking for a rock-solid, precise, and delineated sonic picture. Headphone jacks get their own DAC tailored for the task.

When you purchase the Zen Q Synergy Core, you also get access to Antelope’s FGPA- and DSP-powered software. Specifically, you’ll have 37 analog emulation plug-ins sounding as close to the real thing as software can get. EQs, compressors, and more will be at your disposal, with the option to purchase up to 50 more plug-ins from Antelope direct if need be.

That’s what you get, right now, for use in the comfort of your own home. As you grow, you’ll be able to incorporate the Zen Q into a larger rig: ADAT and S/PDIF I/O will enable you to boost the channel count up to 14 inputs and 10 outputs. You’ll be able to do all this while contributing to a pro sound, rather than detracting from one.

Thanks to its Thunderbolt™ 3 connection, the Zen Q Synergy Core exhibits ultra-low latency while recording. It’s also bus-powered, requiring no annoying wall warts or batteries to operate. The connection will allow for up to 16 channels of I/O from your computer to the device.

Setup is a breeze, thanks to included drivers and thoughtful design: The front panel makes all the controls you need to get up and running easily accessible.

With all these features on tap, the Antelope Zen Q is sure to provide enlightenment for pro-audio people seeking synergy in all their interface needs. What part of this interface gets you excited the most? Be sure to let us know down in the Comments section.