Black Lion Audio Unleashes a Revolution in Desktop Interfaces


Black Lion Audio—a company famous for modding professional gear—is making inroads from the pro studio to your home studio, with the Revolution 2x2, a desktop USB audio interface that brings the company’s famous pro-level sonics to bedroom recording setups. With the Revolution, you can track guitars, vocals, keys, or anything else in your home studio, all with the pristine sound quality and sonic mojo that BLA is known for the world over.

The Revolution is a 2x2 interface giving you two mic/line/instrument-level pres, two monitor outputs, a headphone jack, and most importantly, a high-quality build. You don’t typically hear desktop-interface manufacturers proudly listing the components in their gear, but that’s not the case with the Revolution 2x2. BLA has used high-end capacitors from Vishay, Nichicon, and Wima, and has loaded the interface with Macro-MMC clocking derived from its flagship pieces. The I/O paths have been fully decoupled and balanced, and even the power-rails are highly filtered across every active stage, so you won’t pick up aberrant noise from any other part of your studio.

All this techno-talk is meant to signify one thing: sound quality—and tons of it. Whether you’re plugging in a microphone, a DI guitar, or a line-level stereo keyboard, you’re going to get a sound not usually found in the desktop interface. Indeed, this is meant to sound like the studio gear BLA has been modding for years.

Shipping with the Revolution 2x2 is a full complement of software to get you up and running right away. You’ll get PreSonus Studio One Artist for recording, alongside offerings from iZotope, Brainworx, and Lindell.

A top-notch desktop interface, a respectable DAW, and plug-ins from some of the leading manufacturers in the business. What more do you need?

If this sounds like something that would interest you, please check out the Revolution 2x2 today, and share your thoughts about this new desktop audio interface in the Comments section, below.