Comica Audio Releases Traxshot Transformable On-Camera Shotgun Microphone


Comica Audio has announced the new Traxshot, a supercardioid transformable on-camera shotgun microphone offered as a budget-friendly, all-in-one solution for capturing clear-sounding audio on DSLR and mirrorless cameras, as well as smartphones.

Comica Audio Traxshot

The Traxshot features two separate mic capsules that can be independently oriented to offer four pickup modes, each optimized to suit your various shooting scenarios and usage requirements. This innovative design allows podcasters, vloggers, mobile journalists, and videographers to do more while carrying less, providing expanded microphone options for shooting YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, wedding, outdoor/sports, music, or family videos at home or on the go.

Mono Mode, with the two mic capsules facing directly forward, gives you directional sound, great for personal vlogs and interviewing a single subject. For two-person interviews, the bidirectional Front/Rear Mode, with one mic capsule facing forward and the second capsule aimed at the rear, allows you to pick up audio from the subject in front of the camera and the person holding the camera.

Stereo Mode 1 has the two capsules at a narrow 30° "V" angle to provide a pickup range that is wide enough for interviewing two or more people in front of the camera or recording at a party. Stereo Mode 2 has the two capsules at a 90° angle (X/Y configuration), giving you the widest pickup range, and is ideal for recording live music, nature sounds, and ambiences.

The Traxshot features a continuously variable gain knob that lets you adjust your recording level on the fly. A 3.5mm audio output allows you to plug in a set of headphones to monitor the quality of your sound while shooting. The high-resolution IPS display makes it easy to clearly see the microphone status and battery life when working in sunny conditions.

The mic has an integrated shoe mount outfitted with a proprietary Air-Float shockmount that absorbs vibrations in all directions. The built-in windshield effectively reduces ambient wind noise. For outdoor shooting, a low-cut filter and two included furry wind muffs help reduce low-frequency noise caused by stronger wind and/or camera shake.

The Traxshot operates up to 20 hours on a built-in battery that can be recharged via a USB Type-C port.

If you are a DSLR/mirrorless- or smartphone-based shooter looking to expand the capability of your microphone setup to capture all types of audio, check out the innovative Comica Audio Traxshot transformable mic. And share your thoughts in the Comments section, below, on how you would use the Traxshot.