Earthworks Releases ETHOS Broadcasting Microphones and Accessories


Earthworks announces the ETHOS, a broadcast microphone that’s designed to capture your voice faithfully, making it well suited for podcasts, narration, commentary, and audiobook recordings and production. Available in a shiny stainless steel or subdued matte black, the ETHOS utilizes a small-diaphragm condenser capsule to ensure accuracy and reveal details across the entire tonal spectrum.

Earthworks ETHOS Broadcast Condenser Microphone
Earthworks ETHOS Broadcast Condenser Microphone

The ETHOS features an extended frequency range, allowing it to capture frequencies from 20 Hz to 30 kHz, ensuring your voice recording is clear with no loss of highs or lows. The supercardioid polar pattern picks up sound from the front of the microphone, while rejecting much of the off-axis reflections and background noise. The combination of low-noise circuitry and high SPL handling make it a strong performer, even by today's demanding production standards.

The ETHOS includes a Triad-Orbit M2-R mount, which is a sturdy and versatile accessory that makes it easy to get the perfect mic placement with a boom arm or mic stand. A black foam windscreen is also included, which helps mitigate plosives and other breath noises that can ruin your take. Additional accessories include a broadcast foam replacement, as well as two broadcast foam upgrades made with stainless steel or matte black connectors. Click here to see all the Earthworks ETHOS microphones and accessories.